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Black-and-White Drapes in interior (30 Photos)

The combination of black and white color is an invariable Classic, which today is difficult to surprise someone. However, if we are talking about the interior design of a bedroom or a kitchen, a living room or any other ones, the views about it can be categorically different.

For certain people, the black color is the color of depression and a symbol of melancholy, so someone thinks t ... Read more »

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Norms for Tile Glues

(Based on about 1 sq. yd)

There is no getting away from the glue during repairing. However it brings up another point, how much glue to buy, for example, for laying tiles? It seems that it will be better to have more glue than not enough, say, in the middle of the repair. To solve this problem you need at least to cal ... Read more »

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Plastic coating for bathroom − practical and inexpensive!

The special atmosphere of the bathroom dictates the trends to its design. Since the bathroom is always wet, many prefer to make out the walls with ceramic tiles. We agree that it is a classic variant, which proved to be excellent. But sometimes, the ceramic tile is boring, it is difficult to establish, it is necessary to align the walls to mess with the cement grout, etc. And what ... Read more »

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Secondary Partition Wall for Zoning Room − Ideas with Photos

One of the most effective ways of delimitation of space it is rightfully assumed the secondary partition wall for zoning the room. It can be quite different − entire floor-to-ceiling construction for a precise division of space in the apartment, or lightweight and fishnet to only identify areas between the zones. In this article let us view, what sort of wall secondary partitions ... Read more »

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Removal of Assembly Foam

The dress must be combed.
How to clean it from foam?

Knowing the remarkable properties of the foam (to all adhere and quickly expand occupying any voids), we are with silent horror look like its lump, not falling down on the floor and sticking to a new dress, slowly, but surely creeping down, leaving behind a long trail. Still, to remove anything between ... Read more »

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Removal of Goudron, Fuel Oil, Bitumen and Tar

If wish is,
Clean black gold is.

There are many dark derivatives of oil, and they can be easily met at a building site, in the street and in the reparable office. Well, if so, then will get dirty in them − a mere trifle, and, looking at them, it seems that the worse of these spots there is nothing that they are the most indelible.
... Read more »

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Organza Drapes − Ideas with Pictures (30 Images)

The main purpose of drapes is to protect the room from different prying eyes from the street and from the excess of light coming from the outside. So when the drapes open in daytime, the windows remain "naked”, so as a rule, along with drapes used curtains or tulle – hangings of a transparent material that do not interfere with solar light to pass into the apartment, and thus do not leave the ... Read more »

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Drapes in Nursery. Ideas with Photos

Children's room should be bright, but at the same time colorful and not boring. For a child his own room plays a big role. If adults mostly are resting in their bedroom, the nursery for the baby − a fortress, playing castle, its own world, and only after all the others a place to relax and sleep calmly.

Drapes help support the young fidget sleep even when it is light in the street. They are ... Read more »

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Drapes in Nursery for Girls (35 Photos)

A nursery room is one of the most interesting objects that can be implemented by real and interesting design ideas and fantasies. Since repairing in the nursery, of parents themselves are immersed into the children's times and with pleasure involved in this work. And if the boy's nursery room nearly always has a strict view, a room for the girl is more tender and romantic. Therefore, in the girl's ... Read more »

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Drapes in Nursery Room − 25 Photos

The mood in the nursery room sets not only the colors and shades of the walls, ceiling or floor. It is also dictated by the textile items and accessories that take an active part in the decoration. Bed-covers and drapes play a huge role in this room, which has a mission to create an aesthetic and comfortable atmosphere of the nursery. As a rule, parents do in such a way that with the help of drapes tryi ... Read more »

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