15 Unique Variants Novelties for Bedroom Drapes

A bedroom is not more than a place for personal space. According to popular and universally recognized rules, a bedroom interior is considered quite calm and peaceful. Indeed, in this room each of us should have a rest after an exhausting working day or just to spend time, even being at home.

In this article we will look at trends for the bedroom drapes that are relevant and popular this year, and will also be relevant in the coming year. It is a kind of attempt to look into the future because we all want to see our bedroom remained in a kind of trend in such way that looking at it feels young.

A fashion trend among the curtains nowadays is the elongated drapes. They are long curtains that have folds and cascade down onto the floor. Such drape is easy imparting elegance, luxury and comfort of any bedroom. To get this effect, manufacturers produce drapes about 8-18 feet longer, in order to be free to fall to the floor and lie on it.

What are these drapes giving in practice? Typically, these drapes will help make the ceiling in the apartment higher if it is low (which applies to the most apartments in the houses of old construction). However, to emphasize the size of the apartment, it is better to avoid using of the elongated drapes, because their bulkiness would be too intrusive in the room. In such a situation it is better to stop on the usual drapes of a monochromatic fabric, with support loops.

In recent years there has been a trend towards a simple, uncluttered improvement of interior design that has affected, of course, and drapes. For example, a large bed is now fashionable in the most bedrooms, and a minimum of furniture − no wardrobes or racks. The same kind of thing applies for drapes − as simple as possible, with a minimum of patterns and figures. For the big rooms you should pay attention to the drapes with large paintings, for the small ones − deserve attention drapes with a small pattern.

The use of blackout fabrics is quite fashionable modern trend in the world of drapes. This, so-called heavy curtains can be closed completely, thus preventing to penetrate the sunlight in the bedroom. These drapes are convenient in the domestic life because it is easy to turn the bedroom into a place to sleep in the daytime according to your wishes. If you are a fan of active sleep during the day - the blackout drapes are your choice. This is convenient, comfortable and, plus everything else, fashionable.

In addition, among the fashion's trends for the bedroom curtains' design and novelties photos of which you can see below, there are also popular textile blinds, lambrequins and drapes with a horizontal stripe. Looking ahead, it is necessary to assume that the fashion for lambrequins will slowly fade into the background. Therefore, we suggest that you will review a selection of novelties for the bedroom curtains and choose the most suitable variants.


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