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The Beige Drapes in Interior (30 photos)

The beige drapes are the undisputed attribute of universal, very popular and a slam dunk solution to the issue of the apartments design. Drapes with such shade have quite a number of advantages over the others. For example, they are much more effective to protect the room from sunlight, but the light itself absorb like darker shades. On top of that, beige color wallpaper is applicable in all dwellin ... Read more »

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Pool in Country House − Paradise for Ordinary Citizen of the USA

Many consider a vacation at the cottage the best and most enjoyable time. It is especially nice to spend it at the cottage with a pool. It is a pool that offers new opportunities for the owners of summer cottages and paints the spent time in new colors. In this short article, we will say about pools in the countryside, the selection of photos of them you can see below.
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Bamboo Wallpaper (with photos)

Today, bamboo wallpapers, probably, at the peak of their fame. Never yet they were not as popular as it is now. The reason for this is many factors, ranging from the fact that they consist of the natural material, and ending with their uniqueness, beauty and elegance. Therefore, the bamboo wallpapers are now one of the most modern design solutions used in the walls decoration.

What do these wallpa ... Read more »

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55 Photos for Modern Bedroom Design

A bedroom is considered a place where people relax, gaining strength and resting after a long and exhausting working day. It was here, according to statistics, everybody spends more than а third of his life. Therefore, decor and design of modern bedroom should be perfect.

Every interior detail should be thoroughly think over − the furniture should be placed conveniently and logically, its el ... Read more »

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45 Ideas with Photos Small Bath Design

A small bathroom is an urgent problem even for the modern apartment buildings. So it turns out that the special square feet for the bathroom in the apartment is gone. Therefore, this room is still "suffering" at the hands of architects and homeowners, who are scratching their heads over how to make a perfect design of the small bathroom.

A small area p ... Read more »

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117 Photos of the Sofas in the Interior 

 Interior without sofa seems completely empty, which is why this item is from the world of furniture is present in almost all apartments. As you can see, the sofas are versatile. There is no strict frameworks that would restrict the placement of sofas in the certain rooms.

Let's r ... Read more »

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Drapes Design

Drapes are a very important attribute of furniture. They can highlight anything in the room or, vice verse, take itself to the main emphasis. By revising the photo set in our website, you will see that modern drapes are not only pieces of thick cloth, whose main task is to protect the room from light. Modern drapes made of different natural and synthetic, hypoallergenic materials ... Read more »

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Materials for Furniture

We are used to comfort and order, thus we are sitting on the chair, eating at the table, sleeping in the bed, do not throwing down clothes in the corner, stored them in the wardrobe. That is, we do not already conceive ourselves without furniture. Being the supreme an ... Read more »

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Interior Design in Avant-Garde Style

Characteristics of the Style

The avant-garde style emerged in the early twentieth century. This is a style-protest, style-innovation, which transcends classicism and creates new shapes, going with the times.

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Venetian Plaster: a Coating That More Beautiful Than Marble

A coating, simulating a marble, used to decorate cathedrals and palaces yet in the Renaissance.

The modern Venetian plaster includes marble powder (the composition of conventional plaster − sand or chalk) and binders acrylic-or polymer-based. To get a specific color, the pi ... Read more »

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