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Nostalgic vintage interiors

Vintage Style Characteristics

 The word "vintage” in French means the old vintage wine of high quality.

 We all know that when the older the wine ... Read more »

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The choice of colors and tones in the repair of apartments

The repair has come into your apartment. To start is desirable to choose the colors and tones in which you would like to see your updated habitation. A person perceives the world through his senses. Everyone always wants to see the o ... Read more »

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Countertops Characteristics. Aiding in Selection. Secrets

Already four centuries ago, there were tables with the countertops which were served usually as the elegant chessboards. Tables with countertops barricaded down toward the enemy in the pubs, taverns, saloons, reliably defended even from the enemy’s handguns. At present time an aspiration toward reliability and ... Read more »

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Decoration Plasters Characteristics

 Wallpaper − "pall”, whitewash − "smut”, drapery − "accumulate dust” ... Outside walls of bearing apartments are gray, bricks − monochrome, timber houses are built outside the city ... So the routine and monotony of everyday life is enough in the city and at work, and moreover the dwelling is the ... Read more »

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Cheap, if Stylish Renovation of a Small Apartment

Quite a number of people run scared hearing the word "repair”. First of all, because this phenomenon is directly associated with high costs. Yes, after repairing people feel as if they've been robbed. Avoiding waste is impossible, but in your power to cut them without compromising the quality of repair. So, how to make a small apartment stylish, spending a minim ... Read more »

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Secondary Partition Walls

  Everyone wants to have his own living space. And even the friendliest family members sometimes need for privacy. But it is not going to fence off the bearing walls for each room separately. The best way out of this situation − to install secondary the partition walls. They have mainly light structures, but visually they create an illusion of separate rooms in the apartment, as t ... Read more »

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A Small flat - Ideas of Design

It seems that a small flat is not really giving many variants of design refinements. On the one hand this is because of that some techniques and styles are simply not suitable for the small spaces. But this does not mean yet that a small apartment can not be stylish and comfortable. Conversely, if you are succeeded in doing a stylish and multi-functional space in t ... Read more »

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Unusual and Stylish Apartment Design

 Have you decided to make minor repairs, rearrangement, or simply update some objects of the interior? Well, quite meritoriously. Aspiration to change everything around you is radically positive. But whether will the exterior of your room be unchangeable, if you only replaced the wallpaper (many people call it a repair)? As to us, we believe that if ... Read more »

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One-Roomed Apartment Design − Ideas with Photos

Many people think that to live in a one-roomed apartment is not very comfortable. The settlers have to combine in one place a living and a sleeping room, a working area, and if the family has children, it is also a play area. What can they do in this case? There are so many housing compartments which must be allocated in the catastrophically sma ... Read more »

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Small-Sized Apartments Design − the Ideas of How to Make a Compact Little Apartment Cozy and Comfortable?

A small apartment has no comfortable disposition of rooms, large hallways, spacious bathrooms, in general. But, thanks to the possibilities of interior design, even the most uncomfortable and cramped apartment can become a convenient and cozy ... Read more »

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