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The Unique Interior of the Apartment − a Subject of Pride for Its Inhabitants

Modern technologies allow recreating any pictures, drawings, patterns that have become available thanks to such pieces of furniture as poured-in-place floors, photo wallpapers and stretched ceilings.

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Re-Planning of Flats

The current housing legislation sets the strict rules and conditions for the implementation of the procedure of re-planning of living accommodations, as well as non-residential objects.

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Book Racks for Home 50 Ideas with Photos

 What is the difference between a rack and a usual shelf? There are no frames and structu ... Read more »

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Construction Ideas of Unusual Shelves for Domestic Purposes

 There is only one function in the shelves − to retain different objects, but the implementation of this function, in other words, the appearance of the shelves can be different. ... Read more »

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Bookshelves − Some Interesting Ideas about Them

All kinds of books are needed, any book is important. Probably there is no one person in the world who did not read a single book at all. There are at least a dozen books of different subjects, focus and relevance in every house. Read or new, had inherited or purchased fo ... Read more »

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How to Create a Shelving System in the Room

 A proper organization of shelving system for storage items − the primal problem on the way to the ergonomic use of space. Cabinets, sets of shelves, hanging shelves help us therein. We store a large mass of things just in them.

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The glass shelves

 We hope, that you will agree with us that it is difficult to believe that there are no shelves at all in any interior. Just the shelves give the opportunity to save space particularly and use it not only actively, but also wisely.

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Design Studio Apartment - A Cozy and Stylish

Finally, you have moved into his own apartment, and not simple, but in the studio-apartment. This means that there is a blank canvas at your disposal. How to design such a spacious and comfortable empty room? Of course, we all want from the design to be relevant as long as possible, so that, in addition to c ... Read more »

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