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Terrace Near House − Pictures and Interesting Ideas

Terraces relatively recently are appeared in the house building. Earlier, instead of them there were more common pavilions. Today, many people come to the conclusion that the terrace is more functional, looks like the nice and airy outbuilding to the house, compared to the pavilion.

Properly constructed terrace can functionally increase the usable area of the dwelling; help be ... Read more »

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Stylish Bedrooms − Ideas for Inspiration (+ Photos)

It is no secret that many apartments' owners have the relatively small bedrooms, the area of about 129-161 square feet. To equip properly such a room everything in it must be combined, but not cluttered, and at the same time not interfered with each other. It becomes a rather complicate problem. In this room everyone wants to set almost all: and a separate wardrobe, and a large wide bed ... Read more »

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Boho Style in Interior – Design Examples

Among the extraordinary fashion items and trends there are many styles, including styles of interior decoration. One of these is the Boho style – French view at how look should like a dwelling. It can be easily recognized by the distinctive details and characteristics. In this article we will tell about this style, and looking at the photos of apartment’s design in the Bohemian style, you will be sur ... Read more »

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Style and Furniture for Small Bedroom

A small size of the bedroom has always remained and will remain enough sharp and very unpleasant moment in the housing issue. As a rule, the majority of our bedrooms varies in the range of about 97-129 square feet, which, in fact, is a very humble parameter. In this bedroom one can hardly accommodate all the necessary and desirable objects and furniture, as corny is not enough space.

For e ... Read more »

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Glass Doors − Beauty, and Not Only?

Glass doors − is the new option of our usual wooden doors. It is a modern variant that must be chosen by all those who decided to replace the old doors. Why are the glass doors so attractive?

First of all, their unusual design and the possibility of wide choosing this product for any interior catch the eye. Glass doors are ideally suited to the living room, kitchen, bathroom, thanks to the di ... Read more »

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Bedroom with Chimney Place

Creating a cozy, partly romantic, mood in the apartment can be done by completely different methods. It is clear that none of us wants to live in such environment that does not like or working as intended. But, unfortunately, it is forced to make repairs in the apartment, so far as possible. Installing a chimney place in the bedroom, at first glance, may seem complicated and very costly process. But, in fact, m ... Read more »

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Bedroom in Attic - Variants of Arrangement (Pictures album)

Almost every owner of a private house, the roof of which has a spacious attic, faced with the question of how and in what way it may be converted. Most of such owners said that it is no more than a dark and dusty room that is ideally suited for the arrangement of the warehouse or storage room. This, of course, has a healthy logic, but also needs to be considered and that it is a ... Read more »

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Bedroom for Girls in Classical Style − Idea for Our Princesses

The aspiration for beauty, as well as striving for the better, is natural, of course. The interior must be pleased, stylish and beautiful. Especially, if we are speaking about the girl's bedroom. The young lady should develop a taste from childhood, so that the surrounding objects and the interior as a whole significantly affect her preference. How exactly may be equipped the ... Read more »

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Bedroom in Japanese Style

A repair in the apartment shows, how well its owner has been puzzled over the styles, and if he has his own taste and opinion on the conduct of such repairs. When, for example, the apartment is renovated with an emphasis on simplicity and functionality, it shows the degree of practicality by the owner. And if it is made in an elegant and beautiful style, it shows the taste of its master. Today there are many sty ... Read more »

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Bedroom in Minimal Art Style − Ideas with Photos

One of the unique styles in the interior is considered to be the Minimal Art style. Strict expressiveness, limiting the use of simple shapes and colors can be observed in its overtones. Features are also seen in the terms of furniture selection, room’s decor and accessories. This style is perfect suited for those who love spaciousness and easiness in the space of the room. This style is suit ... Read more »

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