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Olive in Interior (25 Photos)

The combination of different shades in the interior design is a whole science that requires careful studying. It is especially difficult to combine bright or natural colors, such as colors of forest foliage or dry green of emerald green or olive shade. In this article we will talk just about the olive color and how it should correctly look like in the interior.

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Shoe Rack in Apartment: Ideas and Design

Shoes - an independent subject of our wardrobe. So, why do we often make a mistake when disclaim a shoe rack? Are your shirts hanging in the wardrobe? Are your tee-shirts sorted out on the shelves? So, why did you pay no heed to your shoes and left them at the mercy of fate? They are gathering a dust in the corridor; migrate from one box to another. And if you have pets, for example dogs, then lea ... Read more »

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Wallpaper for Bedroom's Walls

A word "bedroom" many people associate with something personal, secret, and even a little hidden. In this place, we go to sleep and wake up every day, resting every day during 7-8 hours. This means that a third of our lives we spend in that room. Therefore, the bedroom's decor and design is a very important tool and time during repairs in the apartment. In order to properly make repairs in this unusual room ... Read more »

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15 Unique Variants Novelties for Bedroom Drapes

A bedroom is not more than a place for personal space. According to popular and universally recognized rules, a bedroom interior is considered quite calm and peaceful. Indeed, in this room each of us should have a rest after an exhausting working day or just to spend time, even being at home.

In this article we will look at trends for the bedroom drapes that are relevant and popul ... Read more »

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How Important Are Vases in Interior?

The role of the vase in the interior is greatly underestimated. Many consider this item as the trinket, to be used only when there are flowers in the house. For this reason, vases gather dust in closets and cupboards, waiting for the proper moment.

In a modern interior, this decoration subject is very important, highlighting the advantages and hiding disadvantages of the apartment design. In this ... Read more »

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Cape on Sofa - Examples in Photos

Creating and setting a certain style in the interior design, you must take care not only about the question of aesthetic beauty, but also the practicality of all that has been used. For example, installing in the home or sofa bed, after a while, the surface of the furniture wears significantly loses color and fades. To avoid this, designers have resorted to cunning one, and at the same time practical way − ... Read more »

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Mosaic Tiles in Interior

Beautiful and unusual interior can be obtained using the mosaic tiles. Uncomplicated technology allows applying absolutely any tile drawing, which is able to decorate the interior, highlight your taste.

Ways of Applying Drawings on Mosaic Tiles

The mosaic tiles can be monochromatic either some erratic or combined shades, or t ... Read more »

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Materials of Splash Back for Kitchen − Comparing, Review of Advantages and Disadvantages

Required, but rather simply a necessary attribute of the kitchen interior is the splash back. It takes on all the hardships in the process of cooking. For this reason the splash back in the kitchen should be made of practical materials. Such that further we will discuss which materials are the most suited for the kitchen splash back.

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Little Cozy Cottage

To a little cottage outside the city limits remind you not only of the need to plant and harvest the crop in time, but also give you a reason to relax, it is necessary to make it cozy. So, what key indicators of comfort in this house are they?

Natural materials

Whatever you say, but concrete cities' jungle encourage us to run away ... Read more »

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Small House

A little and cozy private house − what could be better! House in the countryside or in the suburbs gives unforgettable feeling of oneness with nature and yourself. A small house is simple in use, so it is preferred to build. A house of not more than 120 square yards can be considered a small one. For comparison - it is five standard-sized rooms and a spacious hallway. As a rule, the small houses are built on a relatively smal ... Read more »

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