A Small flat - Ideas of Design

It seems that a small flat is not really giving many variants of design refinements. On the one hand this is because of that some techniques and styles are simply not suitable for the small spaces. But this does not mean yet that a small apartment can not be stylish and comfortable. Conversely, if you are succeeded in doing a stylish and multi-functional space in the small flat − you can assume that it is the best design and perspective interior.

What You Must Do to Make a Room Bulk Large

Design can be considered successful if its results visually enlarge the room. And it can be done with the help of light and color.

Let's start with the color schemes that need to be made over in favor of bright and light colors. No one can force you to do a pristine white flat, no, a competent contrast has a positive impact on the overall impression of the flat too.


Unfortunately, most of the flats do not have high ceilings, and let along about the little flat, where a low ceiling presses simply everyone and everything in the floor. In order to raise a ceiling visually it is recommended to paint it in a color which should be lighter than the basic color of the walls, so you will highlight bright ceiling’s spot against the dark background. A light on the dark, as we know, seems larger.


You can place furniture of bright colors on the main light background contrasting with the base color. So, the flat will be revived, become brighter, but will not lose in spaciousness not a single square yard.

Winning Combinations

Each interior must have its spark. A pull-out or combined cabinet and upholstered furniture are the real "trick" for small apartments. That is just catastrophically dangerous to ignore them in the small flat’s furnishing. Besides, all of it works for the benefit of saving space together with the immutability of their functionality.

Pull-out beds, pull-out tables − all are suitable for small spaces. Typically, such beds and tables are built into the walls and easily moved down or shifted out of recess at the right time. The same applies to folding armchairs, etc. Let’s say, these variants can be considered in the framework of a bedroom or a living room. But as for the kitchen it will be suitable a breakfast bar. Of course, the cooking zone must be preserved in the kitchen, but you can dine at the bar, it is at least unusual.


Saying in general, a small flat does not tolerate the furniture piles in its interior. It is better to put a large sofa than a lot of small armchairs, chairs, etc. In general, we operate in the same way in the rest. But, do not yet pay attention to the heavy objects. So, they should not be given a central place in the space. If you just need a big wardrobe, try to put it in the corner so that it does not occupy the space more than necessary.


To arrange the furniture along the walls − it means to use space inefficiently. Put a sofa near the window, and then it will be possible to substitute the table on the other hand, so you will have a functional space partitioning.



The interior of the small room’s light can not be neglected. You can even start to abandon the curtains up to the floor or in extreme cases set the Roman shades that are easy to roll up. The more light in the room, then this room seems much more. Without any saying, if you feel comfortably in a half-light room − deal! But there are few persons of your timber.

As we know, rooms are shady or sunny. To the interior of the shadow room, you have to use mostly warm colors, but in the sunny room you may leave the "Arctic" style. Forget about central type of lighting in a small room. Firstly, one light source immediately concentrates the attention, thus limiting the space. Secondly, a huge chandelier in the center of the ceiling will seem bulky, but there will not be enough light from a small one. So, if in the case of furniture it will be better "one, but big", then there we are acting on the reverse principle of "many, but small". Spotlights are ideal for designing of a small flat, you can set the backlight in any part of the room, focusing on the interior’s key subjects.

So finally we would like to pay your attention to zoning. If you have a two-room apartment, the large room reserved for the living room certainly, and you yourself live in the narrow room. That is wrong, you must use the space rationally. If you use the living room rarely, then why cannot it be in the small room?

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