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Cabinets on Balcony: Ideas and Design

The collector trash and the sundries like "and what if it will prove useful?" and the pantry with the reserves for the winter of pickles and jams - a balcony. Sorry, is there a balcony of your dreams? Are you ready to say goodbye to the golden square yards of your own living space and give away them to the things that are simply in abundance? It is impractical, ugly. By all the well-known "law", if " ... Read more »

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Insulate Balcony and Loggia with Your Hands

A loggia and a balcony ― are a few extra square yards for the relatively small apartment. Few people use them just to breathe fresh air and admire the sunset. For some people it is a place of a storage of vegetables, for some, a flowerbed, or a small kitchen garden, for some − a study room. However, if the vegetables can be somehow or other kept wrapped in the old junk on the balcony in the winter ... Read more »

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Warming of Balconies − What to Pay Attention

Before you begin the warming of balcony and the replacement of windows, you need to do some preparatory works. That is to make the basis for the installation of the selected window frames and the mounts. For this it will be necessary to do the required mounting of sheathing for thermal insulation and assembly of building boards and panels. If your balcony has the protecting lateral parapets with ... Read more »

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Terrace Near House − Pictures and Interesting Ideas

Terraces relatively recently are appeared in the house building. Earlier, instead of them there were more common pavilions. Today, many people come to the conclusion that the terrace is more functional, looks like the nice and airy outbuilding to the house, compared to the pavilion.

Properly constructed terrace can functionally increase the usable area of the dwelling; help be ... Read more »

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Selection of Photos of Beautiful Balconies (55 Photos)

Only on the balcony you can enjoy the fresh air, without leaving your apartment. Exactly the balcony opens up many possibilities and functions for the home. Many owners of the apartments and the private houses often can not decide how to arrange a private balcony. We decided to share our own look to address this issue and provide a selection of photos of beautiful balconies. Perhaps ... Read more »

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