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Plastic coating for bathroom − practical and inexpensive!

The special atmosphere of the bathroom dictates the trends to its design. Since the bathroom is always wet, many prefer to make out the walls with ceramic tiles. We agree that it is a classic variant, which proved to be excellent. But sometimes, the ceramic tile is boring, it is difficult to establish, it is necessary to align the walls to mess with the cement grout, etc. And what ... Read more »

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Bathtubs Photos and Its Sizes (30 Photos)

Repairs in the bathroom are a very difficult and exhausting process. In addition to proper and good design while repairing work, it is also necessary to calculate the size of the bathtub itself correctly in order to place it in its designated area. At the wrong calculation there may appear great difficulties and problems, so in order to avoid this, it will be enough to learn and to see the photo ... Read more »

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Wall Hung Toilet

A toilet is the subject for the bathroom though delicate, but essential. The first was a "night vase" or a special bucket. With the advent of the opportunity to connect a "night vase" to the central sewage system, the toilet has become a dominant attribute in the secluded corner of the apartment. But the trouble is that the surrounding floor has always been a bottleneck for cleaning it. And if you place the toilet on the wa ... Read more »

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Bathroom in Red Tile

This is a color, to pass by which is impossible. Red − is the color of love and passion. Indeed, for ones this color seems very defiant, strident, while others believe that this color opens up the new facets. And what is about the red color in the interior? A tile is the most suitable material for design. It can be used for decoration of the bathrooms and the floors in the kitchen and even the bedroom partly.

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Beautiful Facing Tiles in Bathroom

A bathroom is the in-home relaxation room. And if the functional orientation of this part of our question about apartments all clear, how best to decorate the bathroom, in other words, how redecorated the walls and the floor in the bathroom so, it was not only beautiful but also practical and useful for health.

Recently the decoration plaster becomes increasingly popular. Its features allow yo ... Read more »

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How to Make Ceiling in Bathroom?

It is well known that the main difference the bathroom and other ones in our apartments is a high and constant level of humidity. As you know, moisture is not the best way affects the walls and ceiling with its devastating effects. Also, due to moisture there is a high likelihood that on the surface of the walls, in the seams between the tiles and the ceiling a fungus can seem.

Regarding the ceiling, ... Read more »

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How to Make Fashionable Design Bathroom (55 Photos)

A morning of any member of the family starts with the bathroom. Here, a man takes off his stress, clears and relaxes. That is why it is very important that the bathroom was comfortable for all and everyone who needs it. For this reason, it is important to make a fashionable design of the bathroom, such as in photos which you can view at the end of the material.

Fashionable des ... Read more »

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Bathroom Interior

The interior of a bathroom should be practical, comfortable and relaxing. Analyzing this photo gallery below, it can be concluded that the main element of the design is the ceramic tiles, with which you can create a variety of interior color, characterization and style.

For small bathrooms it is very important a location of the toilet. As you can see, the smaller are all its elements, the more space is to desi ... Read more »

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Shower Cabins

How not economical a bathtub itself in the bathroom, how much spaces it takes, how much water and time is wasted on its filling… Someone can also argue about the relative hygiene of a bathtub and a shower: if in the shower the water is flowing, carrying away the dirt from the body, in the bathtub, washing the dirt from one part of the body, it moved it with a sponge or simply with water further on the other body's parts. In th ... Read more »

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Design of Small Bathroom. What Color of Tiles to Choose to Visually Enlarge Space?

If your bathroom is very small, it is impossible to take advantage of planned renovation and make this room at least visually a little more in such way that it will not affect the common functionality of this room. In order to increase the space in it there are many techniques that are associated with the choice of colors, types of materials, arrangement of t ... Read more »

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