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Bathroom Design

Bathroom design can really be versatile because it is permitted to use any colors and combinations, such as color spectrum and different materials. A variety of materials and ready-made ideas are impressive, so by going to any ceramic tiles store, you will see dozens of variations for the bathroom design. If you are in doubt about selecting a particular variant, or you cannot imagine how accurate will look like this or th ... Read more »

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Design of Bathroom. How to Lay Tile?

Most often the interior of the bathroom is decorated with the ceramic tiles, however when the moment of its installation comes, the question arises how to place the tile: horizontally or vertically. In fact, this question only at first glance may seem insignificant. But in practice, how you place the tiles, will depend on at least the visual perception of the bathroom. Thus, the vertical tile makes the r ... Read more »

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Types of Bathtub. All Materials from Which They Can Be Made

Comfortable and modern dwelling is impossible without a bathroom. It is a small room in the house serves for cleanliness and relaxation of all dwellers of the house. The main part of a room for bathing is the bathtub. For getting the maximum comfort and the minimum problems, we have to consider all the options of baths, which are for sale now. The baths are made of modern materials ... Read more »

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Possible Design Bathroom and Toilet (75 Photos)

Working on the design of the bathroom and the toilet, it is important that the interior of the rooms (or a single room, if the bathroom is combined with the toilet) was a suitable fit into the common apartment interior and complied with the rules of toilet facility's design.

Water Closet (WC) is a kind of the apartment's visiting card for a guest, which come to you and should feel ... Read more »

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45 Ideas with Photos Small Bath Design

A small bathroom is an urgent problem even for the modern apartment buildings. So it turns out that the special square feet for the bathroom in the apartment is gone. Therefore, this room is still "suffering" at the hands of architects and homeowners, who are scratching their heads over how to make a perfect design of the small bathroom.

A small area p ... Read more »

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