Beautiful and Practical Splash Back for Your Kitchen

You started a major overhaul in your kitchen, and everything is already planned out: chose a finish for the walls, ceilings and floors, ordered the new furniture. It is time to think about how to arrange the space between the working surface of the table and the top cupboards. Whether to make a splash back (not to be confused with the apron for the hostess)? And actually, what kind of beast is the splash back, and, generally speaking, wherefore is this panel in this kitchen place, and what is it made of? That is about it and let us talk some more.

Initially you need to understand functions, dealing with this panel (splash back):

  • Firstly, it is, of course, protecting the walls from dripping fat when cooking or any other contamination (dust, crumbs). 
  • Secondly, it is the ability of high-quality purification, the resistance to chemical cleaning agents and physical impact (for example, to be able simply to wipe by the sponge).
  • And, thirdly, the splash back should fit harmoniously into the interior of your kitchen. In that case, if all the walls in this room will be covered, for instance, with tiles, the splash back (even from the same tiles) will be more of a decoration.

Now some words about the materials, from which this construction is executed. The splash back can be made of panels (the easiest way), tile, glass (mosaic) and mirrored tiles, as well as from organic glass (triplex).

The easiest and least labor-intensive way to make a kitchen splash back − is to order it with the furniture. Now this procedure is not difficult, manufacturers make such panels of required shapes and sizes out of the laminated chipboard (DSP). In order to hide joints between the table and the wall are used (in tune to the splash back, or the hygiene equipment) special corners. A color scheme of such coverage, as a rule, is identical to the kitchen countertop, which creates the effect of a unity headset. With the installation of the splash back, in this case, you should not encounter any special problems. A master that will install the furniture, at the same time may engage in and installation of the splash back. In the end everything will be done efficiently and professionally.

Further, they will go more complex ways:

• In fact, the splash back can be built from anything ones but that surface of it would be well-washed. The oldest and most proven of all the ways is tiled. Modern manufacturers offer a diverse selection of this material: with the texture, color, and size. So, from a design point of view, there will not much difficulty with them. That is just about practicality should not be forgotten and overly textured tiles to choose not worth it. You may also face with some other problems in the arrangement of such splash back. First, the tiles must be coated before the installation of the furniture. Hence, it is easy to make a mistake with the size. In order to avoid this, you need to know a little trick. As a rule, there are the same sizes in the standard apartments, so in common everything is simple and the square of the splash back should be a bit more of the borders on which the furniture is installed. That is below the kitchen tabletop and above the bottom of its cabinets. When you know the secrets and the work is fun, is not it?

• The following method is more decorative than practical. The back splash of the mirror tiles will certainly be a hit in your kitchen and in addition will help to visually enlarge the room, but it is suitable only for super-tidy housewives. On the mirrored tiles the stains from food and grease are much more visible, and to remove them you will have to exert maximum effort (it is not to mention the divorces and muddy spots). So think twice before you will get this beauty.

• The following material, which is now very fashionable to use, is a glass tile or mosaic. In general, the difference between these coatings is the color scheme. Mosaic is composed of colored tiles and it can simulate different themes, for example, folk motifs (but not make it too flashy). Simple glass tile can be not only monochromatic but also colored, and even with the various large drawings, and even in the form of a panel picture. By the way, this panel is abrasion resistant (you can wash and rub it indefinitely) because the drawing is applied on the inner side of the glass. And you are no need to fear that this one will be broken and the material is sturdy and its base will not allow shattering into pieces.

• And one of the most common materials to use − laminated (tempered, three-layer) glass. Typically, such splash back orders all at once (it can be fixed and after the installation of the furniture, which is certainly a plus). But they are in need of the holes which must be done for sockets or any other needs (hooks or shelves). You will drill them in advance during manufacturing of the splash back. So here you will need the accurate calculation.

This glass splash back is not inferior to tiled one by functionality. It is easy to wash, easy to clean. It will be difficult to break this cooking device, and if you succeeded still, don't worry, the fragments of glass will not fly per sides. The tempered glass can just crack, or in extreme cases, crumble on the table. Of course, the splash back will have to change, but there exactly will be not injuries and small pieces mountains (this is also important, especially if you have kids). In the decoration technique there are generally no bans. A flight of your imagination can be indeed cosmic. The panel may be transparent and only protect your kitchen wallpapers.

It will be unique with the background of the common color scheme of the kitchen furniture. Under this splash back you can put fabric, dried plants, various pictures; here in your power to make any panel (e.g., photos, beautifully decorated recipes, etc.). And what can we say about the photo wallpapers on any theme and in any color? For example, there may be a night city, dolphins, still lifes, and many, many things that will give your kitchen the individuality and beauty.

Despite the attractiveness of such variant (thus there is a nigger in the woodpile); you need to know one caveat. An ideal smooth wall is needed for the glass splash back. In case of small irregularities the glass will not lie down tightly to the wall and the panel can get water that is hopelessly spoiling all the beauty (also important aspect).

We want to believe that this article will help you make the right choice in such a delicate matter, as the selection of the splash back.

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