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Bedroom Wonderful Design − Ideas with Photos

Creating an interior in the bedroom is quite complex, but at the same time, a very interesting problem. To make repairs in the bedroom so that you liked it, you should not just rely on your own tastes and preferences, but also on the great number of established rules and norms. In addition, you need to make an appearance of the bedroom is not just enjoyable, but also so that spending the time ... Read more »

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Storing Clothes in Bedroom - How to Solve This Problem?

Quite often, in spite of their wishes, many people simply forced to store personal things and apparels in their own bedroom. And all because sometimes in the other rooms do not have enough space, so you are compelled folding them near the place where you are sleeping. In this article, we will examine the problem of storing clothes in the bedroom and how to solve it.

So, yo ... Read more »

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Photo of Paintings in Bedroom Interior

One of the universal ways of decorating the dwelling is considered a picture. It is really a versatile tool that can be used to decorate any room − whether it is a living room or a bedroom. Moreover, with the help of pictures somebody cannot only decorate, but also to arrange the room with certain accents and notes, creating a special aura. In this article, we will talk about, what is the role of paint ... Read more »

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Cozy Bedroom − Tips and Mistakes

The bedroom is a peculiar room in each apartment or house. It is a place where people do not just relaxing and resting, but feels themselves secluded and quiet. In the bedroom people take off not only the bulky clothes that have to walk all day, but the images and roles that often have to perform on the job and just in everyday life. That is, here, every person becomes himself.

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Stylish Bedrooms − Ideas for Inspiration (+ Photos)

It is no secret that many apartments' owners have the relatively small bedrooms, the area of about 129-161 square feet. To equip properly such a room everything in it must be combined, but not cluttered, and at the same time not interfered with each other. It becomes a rather complicate problem. In this room everyone wants to set almost all: and a separate wardrobe, and a large wide bed ... Read more »

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Style and Furniture for Small Bedroom

A small size of the bedroom has always remained and will remain enough sharp and very unpleasant moment in the housing issue. As a rule, the majority of our bedrooms varies in the range of about 97-129 square feet, which, in fact, is a very humble parameter. In this bedroom one can hardly accommodate all the necessary and desirable objects and furniture, as corny is not enough space.

For e ... Read more »

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Bedroom with Chimney Place

Creating a cozy, partly romantic, mood in the apartment can be done by completely different methods. It is clear that none of us wants to live in such environment that does not like or working as intended. But, unfortunately, it is forced to make repairs in the apartment, so far as possible. Installing a chimney place in the bedroom, at first glance, may seem complicated and very costly process. But, in fact, m ... Read more »

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Bedroom in Attic - Variants of Arrangement (Pictures album)

Almost every owner of a private house, the roof of which has a spacious attic, faced with the question of how and in what way it may be converted. Most of such owners said that it is no more than a dark and dusty room that is ideally suited for the arrangement of the warehouse or storage room. This, of course, has a healthy logic, but also needs to be considered and that it is a ... Read more »

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Gray-Blue Bedrooms

Decoration of the bedrooms can be made in the most different colors. But, in addition to the personal preferences, there are also psychological, design, and other treatments that cause each of us not to make rash decisions, and not to do the bedroom of any random coloring.

For example, psychologists and design masters argue that such colors as blue or gray shades or both of these colors at once should be pre ... Read more »

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Shelves in Bedroom

As a rule, a repair in the bedroom is done corresponding to the owner tastes. Someone wants to see a bed in his bedroom; someone equips the room with a computer desk, or hangs up a TV-set on the wall. But there are people who read a lot of books, they like a variety of statuettes, or like to look at family and personal photos in the frames. In order to implement them in the bedroom, everyone, who wishes to do so, may t ... Read more »

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