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Wallpaper for Bedroom's Walls

A word "bedroom" many people associate with something personal, secret, and even a little hidden. In this place, we go to sleep and wake up every day, resting every day during 7-8 hours. This means that a third of our lives we spend in that room. Therefore, the bedroom's decor and design is a very important tool and time during repairs in the apartment. In order to properly make repairs in this unusual room ... Read more »

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Bedroom Style − Posted Bed

Furniture design, in particular beds has been popular not only now, but in the past. Thus, there are (existed, and exist) canopy beds, which have always been a symbol of the greatness and high status of their owners. Typically, the courtiers' men and ladies had such beds, and only they themselves knew previously, what are their advantages. But everything has changed now, and a posted bed became available to alm ... Read more »

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Beautiful Bedrooms for Each Person

In order to understand how much time in the life a human being spends in the bedroom, do not need to be a real scientist. Typically, the sleep norm is 7-8 hours and this is nevertheless the third part of the day. Therefore, each of us spends the third part of the life exactly in the bedroom. So, the place where we spend so much time should be comfortable and pleasant. In the bedroom we gain strength and en ... Read more »

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What Should Be Design of Bedroom in Modern Style? (55 Photos)

Each of us associates a bedroom with a sense of peace, comfort and tranquility. Therefore, in the repair of bedrooms often appear difficulties and questions about how to properly do it. Moreover, everybody wants that his bedroom looks modern and keeps up with the latest fashion trends in the interior.

Therefore, in this article we will share with you the ideas of des ... Read more »

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How to Arrange Bedroom for Relax Body and Soul

Everybody after each day, and they all, by the way, consists of good and bad, wants to rest, tranquility. Crossing the bedroom's threshold, we instinctively wish to leave behind the entire negative that affected us during the day. And if in the bedroom anything was scratched by the sight, normal rest and sleep will be gone.

Physiologically a person sleeps comfortably even on the granite ... Read more »

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Small Bedrooms Interiors (Photos)

City residents of the old buildings cannot always boast of the large size apartments. A kitchen and a bedroom look particularly closely and poorly. And if the size of the kitchen originated of how much space is needed for cooking only, the dimensions of the bedroom were calculated not clear on what basis.

But today, in spite of small and modest sizes, it can be easy to make a cozy bedroom. To ... Read more »

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Bedroom's Interiors. 74 Photos

A bedroom − a private place to rest and relaxation. The bedrooms are not taken to hobnob the guests, so the room has to be exactly the way you want it to be just you yourself.

Regarding interiors of the bedrooms it can say with certainty that the key subject of the interior is the furniture, including the bed. The best favorable location for the place is given to the beds. In general, the bedroom int ... Read more »

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Ideas for Small Bedrooms Design (45 Photos)

Do not be upset if your bedroom is small. In fact, in a small space can embody any idea to maximize not only space, but also find where the more you will accent your attention. Rather than focusing on the only size, try to see everything from the top to bottom of your small bedroom, or focus on the stunning fine detail. Looking at the design ideas of small bedrooms, photos of which you can see in this article, you will be ... Read more »

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Ideas for Design of White Bedroom

A bedroom has an incomparably more important place in every house and apartment. This is a place for resting, relaxation and tranquility. And today, according to the modern concepts, trends and styles, a comfortable bedroom must be performed precisely in light colors. We associate the bright colors and shades with kindness and serenity, peace and grace. It is clear that you can make a bedroom in such sha ... Read more »

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Design Ideas of Glamorous Bedroom

The existence of numerous styles in the interior for today gives you the opportunity to repair the apartment to your taste and color. In particular, this applies to the bedroom. Equipping a new interior bedroom, you understand for what to do it to need only one some style. Among the vast selection of interiors there exists a style like the Glamour. For most people, this word is associated with a pink col ... Read more »

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