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Mirrored Panels for Walls − Ideas with Photos

For several decades, mirrored wall panels are a fairly common part of the interior. And today, in spite of everything, they are a popular type of decoration of the dwelling. In this article, we will talk about these panels, and how and when they are applicable. Also, at the end of the article will present a selection of mirrored wall panels’ photos as an example of how and where they can be inst ... Read more »

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Mirror in Bedroom

Apart from the fact that during the repairing of the bedroom it is necessary to do surface finishing and install the furniture, one must divide and various accessories correctly. One of these is a mirror, without which, will not dispense a single woman, and even, perhaps, a man. All around, and to care for themselves, we need this "tool" of beauty.

Many agree with an opinion that placing a mirror in the bedroo ... Read more »

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Design Bedroom in Bright Tones − Room for Unforgettable Dreams

Usually, making repairs in the bedroom, all designers converge on the view to use calm and soothing colors, creating at the same time relaxed, cozy and relaxing atmosphere in this room. This is explained by the fact that the bedroom should be a complete environment for the normal rest. But in this there was one significant disadvantage, which is haunted by some lovers repair. ... Read more »

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Bedrooms Design - 39 photos

When you are hear the word "bedroom", surely it associates you with peace, relaxation and well-being. But not everybody see fit so, and it is normal. Someone wants to see his bedroom more "charged" with bright colors and unusual accessories, and some say that it is useless for him.

Anyway, it is necessary to distinguish that so many styles and variants you can use to improve the bedroom's design. Th ... Read more »

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Choosing Bedroom Color

From the ancient times it was known that a particular color in different forms of its displaying can greatly influence mood, mind, and even human psychology. For example, no wonder there are such attributes as the flags of the states, which directly reflects the face of the whole country, and its mood just a few colors.

Colors in Bedroom< ... Read more »

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Lady's Sanctum as Part of Interior

Certainly, modern young people in the regeneration of their apartments not even aware of the special rooms, referred to as boudoir. In fact, these rooms have been in fashion for quite some time, and today they can be seen only in feature films with the participation of women. However, even today, the fashion to these rooms gradually returns, but in a slightly modified form. Let us see, what the lady's sanc ... Read more »

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55 Photos for Modern Bedroom Design

A bedroom is considered a place where people relax, gaining strength and resting after a long and exhausting working day. It was here, according to statistics, everybody spends more than а third of his life. Therefore, decor and design of modern bedroom should be perfect.

Every interior detail should be thoroughly think over − the furniture should be placed conveniently and logically, its el ... Read more »

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