Bookshelves − Some Interesting Ideas about Them

All kinds of books are needed, any book is important. Probably there is no one person in the world who did not read a single book at all. There are at least a dozen books of different subjects, focus and relevance in every house. Read or new, had inherited or purchased for someone own salary − the books are our riches, national property. Many people bag the whole libraries, collections of prose compositions, and be sure, it is a real wealth that is prided by displaying or keeping sacred "under the pillow". In any case, if the books are, they must be stored somewhere. A boxroom is not the best place for books, especially since many modern copies are not cheap, so it needs to prepare a place of honor for them. Actually, there are bookshelves for this purpose after all.

Book Stacks or Wall Shelves

What do you choose to store the books at least? If their number is so great that you do not risk even a hint that can read all of them, there is no better place to store books in the book stacks. It is certainly possible to complete them fully and then all the books will be in place. However, if it is not enough space in the room to install the stack, then we recommend, that you make a note of wall shelves, for which there will be a place on the wall without fail. Wall shelves can be both single and a particular composition. Remember, they are not just a place to store books, they can become a self-decor item, really decorating the room. Therefore, at the time of choosing wall shelves, we advise you to depart from the usual variants and pay attention to models such as: shelves with triangular cells, shelves-frames, etc. If you have a very few books, we recommend a very unusual variant then, which you can build by yourself. They are made as shelf brackets with a flat foundation, where a book is simply worn on. Such base can be both a holder and a book marker thus creating the effect, if a book is held by the wall itself.

On the Waves of Comfort

Have you lots of shelves, plenty of books and a lot of confusion in your mind hence? If you are most likely not an archivist, a librarian, and when you will be overtaken by reminiscences and want to read the next masterpiece of literature, you realize with a lump in the throat that you have to search through all the shelves to get to the desired book. Many people interfere with that problem, therefore, since we are talking about the shelves for books, let’s take a moment for books themselves, or rather shelving them.

If you have used books often, the most logical to place them in the alphabetical order by the names of works or authors, since the search time can be reduced to a minimum. Select a shelf for yourself in the middle of it or in any other convenient availability for you in order to put literature, which is used more often. We suggest another variant, it is not only practical but beautiful. We offer you to arrange books by color. This variant is ideal for those who simply keeps the library, but rarely refers to its content. If your books are in a foreground, you must attract attention to them. A color balance of books will be appreciated by your guests exactly, and such creative approach will be pleasant for you yourselves.

The shelves with seating are especially popular. Do you like to read books? Then it is time to take care of your own comfort. So, imagine, that you are sitting on the shelf for books, surrounded by books, under books or by them − simply a bibliophile's dream. But for those who are not thirst for books, this model of shelves can be used as one more occasional seat.

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