Cheap, if Stylish Renovation of a Small Apartment

Quite a number of people run scared hearing the word "repair”. First of all, because this phenomenon is directly associated with high costs. Yes, after repairing people feel as if they've been robbed. Avoiding waste is impossible, but in your power to cut them without compromising the quality of repair. So, how to make a small apartment stylish, spending a minimum of savings?


In What Cases Do Not Needed Frugality

The most important thing in repairing − to create a high quality basis. It means that the floors should be flat, the walls − smooth and also flat, and the corners are strictly 90 degrees.

What are the consequences of this disproportion? Everything is learning in minor things. So, if you have uneven walls, it means that the floor skirting will not be available to back closely for them, there will be ugly gaps, definitely spoiling the appearance. Further, the problems with uneven angles will appear when you will install the corner cabinet furniture. Well, the cabinets will stand neither good, nor bad on a curved floor. In general, if you have decided to rely on the self-power repairs – your work must be perfect unambiguously.

Pouring floors, leveling and plastering walls, finishing walls, installation of ceiling systems – all this should be done by professionals. Believe us, saving on the base, and then you risk paying a much greater amount for correction of errors.

Don't forget that it is very important to route the wires inside of the apartment, the pipes in the bathroom. A quality of finish is also depends on many things, namely its practicality and appearance. Even the most expensive ceramic tile, planked curvedly, uneven or cut off, will spoil the whole interior of the room.


Expensive Does Not Always Mean Stylish

Somehow we mistakenly believe that the expensive construction and finishing materials look better and as a consequence are an absolute guarantee of a successful repair. Unfortunately it is not so. Of course, we do not set before you a choice between the cheapest and the most expensive material. This is not entirely true, because we primarily need to focus on quality and reliability, whether the mortar, finishing material, or a unit of furniture. Quality – most of all – all the rest of it is your own choice. And the last must fall, of course, on the most profitable variant for your wallet. The repair − is a serious matter, so the approach to it must be serious. Compare different variants, read reviews about the finishing materials on the internet.


How to Cut the Cost of Repairing

We will not go into details on what better building material to choose, as mentioned above: the main thing − quality and once more quality. Let us consider the interior elements, which form the basis of design.

First try back with the design. It is not necessary to spend extra money on it. Take on a designer in order that he, as a professional, told you, in what corner best of all you may put on a sofa and a TV-set. Today, there are a lot of interesting variants for the design of apartments of various sizes and design can be found in the internet in free access. To make it easy, you will only have time to choose one or the other variant of design. Do not have to repeat it exactly; you can only see what color variations are combined, what is more suitable for a particular type of the finish, finally, how the room furniture looks like in the interior.


The main components of the interior − a finishing material for walls, a furniture, decorations and floors.


Let's start with the floor. Many people cover it with linoleum, which is quite reasonable. This material is cheap, relatively practical, but if we are talking about the stylish apartment − definitely does not the linoleum can decorate it. Other variants: laminate, self-leveling floors. Laminate is cheaper than the last and it looks like very nice. It is a versatile material that can be suitable to the style to any interior.

The walls finishing has a great number of variations on this theme. Cheap variants – papering. But we need to really work hard in order to find cheap wallpaper with decent quality, but without tasteless drawings. Did you know that many designers offer their clients, in particular, do not close the walls by nothing, leaving the bricks to the view? The idea is very interesting, but requires a style specification (combining this variant with the fireplace will be perfect). An expensive decoration plaster can be replaced by the usual one, superimposed by welt. All this splendor can be painted in any color but choose the paint carefully.

Interior design items – they take away a huge part of the bankroll. The style of "minimalism" will help you. Buying cabinet furniture − is not cheap. However, as practice shows, to buy the cabinet interior objects separately are much cheaper and more practical.

Draw attention to the old junk that was left from the previous furniture. Now it is called "vintage” and if can beat this style in the interior cleverly (using the old wallpaper, buying a few antiques, to hang different black-and-white photographs), then will not have to buy nothing. A rocking-chair will perfectly be a complement the interior, they are usually cheaper than easy-chairs.

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