Construction Ideas of Unusual Shelves for Domestic Purposes

 There is only one function in the shelves − to retain different objects, but the implementation of this function, in other words, the appearance of the shelves can be different. Let's take a step back from stereotyping and imagine, that you just not install the shelves of typical materials, such as wood or plastic, in the apartment, or can not install the shelf in usual perspective along the flat’s wall with an equal distance from one another. So what can you do then? There are innumerable variants, so perpetuate your talent!

Handmade Shelves

You have probably already guessed that a really original shelf can be might by your own hands. Let it be a small shelf, which will decorate the highlight of the interior. You do not have to go far for this idea. Take a look at the expanse of the global network, deriving inspiration, and you will be fine. As we have already said − there are really innumerable variants. To make your handmade shelf is very easy, if it would be suitable materials. And what kind of them exactly − we will understand below.


Actually any building and other improvised material is suitable for making shelves. It must be capable to hold objects and, of course, maintain itself by any methods. In addition to the basic material you may need standard tools and materials, such as nails, hammer, glue, etc. Concerning the shelves themselves, they can be made of: glass, fabric, plastics, wood. What does the material come into your mind else? Actually, if you want to be creative really, then do it to the maximum. What would you say, for example, about the shelves from books? Surely you have an unnecessary reference-book or irrelevant textbooks, remaining without attention. Found? Excellent! It will turn out a very funny shelf from them, original and serviceable finished product. The book may optionally be covered with fabric, spray from the sprayer or leave in virgin. So, shelves can be made literally from all material. The old keyboards, cans, empty tanks and so on are already "on tap” as unusual materials.

Construction Ideas of Unusual Shelves

We have already seen one version of unusual shelves for domestic purposes, which you can do from the books. First screw the holding angles in the wall on which you want to install a book. A future shelf can be in a free position, and if you doubtful about the strength of it, fix this book with the screws or a usual adhesive.

Let us, for example, consider the next idea − an unusual doubled-deck shelf made as a ​​rectangular empty aquarium. At the same time, the principle of fixing system and installation is similar to the situation with the shelf of books.

Fabric may also be used as a shelf. In this case, it is possible to stretch it along the wall in such way that we will get a slightly sagging shelf, looking like a hammock, where you can put different small things. The second variant: you need to fasten the fabric’s flaps together in order to get a network with cells. This shelf of fabric sets vertically on the wall. As a result, you have got an unusual shelf with pockets, which can be mounted above and below with eaves (for example, you can use a cornice of the shower curtain).

All of these shelves you can do yourself. But if there is no desire or ability to fiddle with such a piece of furniture, the shelves can be done to order. A kind of "tic-tac-toe" game is a very simple and at the same time unusual variant of shelves for the living room. Can you beat a field for this game? Then flip it over in such way as to obtain the diamond. This shelf will look very stylish even from the traditional material (wood). Well, if it is a shelf of colored glass − it stays ahead of competition.

In such ways, the usual shelf can become very attractive to the exterior glance as a subject of domestic furnishing.

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