Cornices for Drapes. All You Need to Know

Ending of repairs in the apartment, usually it comes to the installation of the cornice and hanging up on it drapes or tulle. Here there can arise some problems and difficulties, such as due to the radiator will protrude further than a tulle mounting niche. Or you live on the top floor of the house, and your ceiling is beveled a little, so the installed drape will look crooked. What is to be done in that or another situation, and what do you need to know about cornices for drapes? Let’s review these problems lower.

What do you need to know about the niche for the installation of the cornice?

For the beginning, you need to find the niche’s size in which you will install the cornice for drapes. If you have a wish to hide the cornice, you will have to give up a niche, completely hiding it. For this you need to take into account not only limits of the cornice, but also details such as the ledge of the window-sill out the wall or the outreach of battery out the wall else. Therefore, the tulle or drapes in future not droop on the window-sill or the batteries, make the calculation of the niche, folded the sill width with the width of the cornice, and add another by 2 inches. As a rule, the conventional cornice protrudes at 8 or to 12 inches out of the window's aperture lengthwise, and besides from both sides. It follows that the length of the niche should be the width of the window itself plus by 16-22 inches.

Cornice niche

Also, we do not recommend doing a niche much too deep. Because everyone wants the curtains were in plain view, in fact, first, they paid money not for nothing, and secondly, if the niche is too deep, the part of the drapes will not be visible. Besides, usually, the distinctive patterns are made at the end of drapes, and if the niche is too deep, this distinctive piece will be simply not visible. Therefore, it will be enough about 4 inches for the depth of the niche.

How to Install Drapes on Sheetrock?

We all know that the gypsum finishing is very popular now. And maybe that exactly you have become that person who used this type of finishing. In this case, there could come a point when it will be necessary to you to install the cornice, you must stop, read and understand the features. Because sheetrock is not a concrete surface for installation of cornice for drapes, it will be needed providing for the attachment with many of brackets than usual. It is necessary for uniform a load distribution on the surface of the sheetrock. It’s clear, that this will increase a little the cost of the cornice; however, it will make its installation more reliable. Place the cornice profile at 6-10 inches above the window’s opening.

Variant of Cornice Mounting with Sheetrock Ceiling and Valance

What Problems Can Appear with the Installing of Cornices?

During the installation of cornices for drapes, you may meet unpleasant difficulties, namely the ability to stumble on the pipeline, which could be hidden in the wall or on the electrical wiring that is also not good.

Modern drape’s cornice

Therefore, to avoid such problems, and in order not to stumble on the pipe or wiring during installation, tell the workers who will install the cornice, about the features of placing of communications in your apartment. If you install the cornice with your hands, try to avoid this yourself by checking the person means. For example, hidden wiring can be found by using electrician's screwdriver. Also, there is a problem with the roof evenness as described above. Even with the installation of stretch or counter ceiling, the bias may remain visible when you set a cornice. But, in any case, you need to install it exactly, regardless of its construction. Therefore, during the process of installation, use the carpenter's level, and boldly do with the installation.

What Do You Need to Know to Buy Cornice in the Store?

When you have come to the store to choose cornice for drapes, the first thing you will notice is the price. Naturally, by what limit you have set on the cornice, you will choose it that you like from the available product. Further, all applies only to mathematics.

Choice of cornice in the store

So, it is necessary to take measurements of the window, that will be back of the drapes, dimensions in the horizontal plane − and that is the width of the piers from the wall to the aperture of the window, the width of the aperture itself and the width from the aperture to the second wall. Well, and of course to make a vertical measurement, limited only by the ceiling height. Next, it all depends on your decision. You can purchase the cornice, exactly suitable in the size, or buy slightly larger and cut it a little.

Cornices for Drapes without Lambrequin

Perhaps the most rational choice of the cornice, which did not provide for the lambrequin, is a plastic ceiling cornice. It is the most affordable, with a good quality, and its installation will not take more than 10 minutes. It is better to choose ceiling plastic cornices of Turkish or German origin, but not Chinese.

Aluminum cornice without lambrequin

Another variant of cornice without lambrequin

Also, a convenient variant among the grope of cornices without the lambrequin will be a round cornice for drapes. Double-row and single-row cornices are available commercially. Such cornices consist of aluminum tube, covered with film, wood plastic, and so on. Round cornices of Polish production considered to be the most qualitative. But, there is a feature related to that to install this cornice on the sheetrock you need to set it only into a profile, otherwise the cornice will damage the sheetrock surface. Or just to hang lightweight tulles, instead of heavy drapes.

Cornices with lambrequins

Ceiling cornices, which have been described above, are not exactly suitable for the installation of the lambrequin. However, one thing − it is to make a three-row cornice and on one of these rows to hang the lambrequin. But, in this case, the design will look, put it mildly, "unfinished", so it is better to pick up a cornice, right up for the only lambrequin. A metal profiled cornice will be perfect for this. Usually the Italian and Spanish cornices are the best here. In the construction of this product there are special attachments for suspending lambrequin in the form of a soldered at the factory contact ribbon. Moreover, these cornices can be installed both on the ceiling and on the wall, which in itself is very convenient. Some variants for drape’s cornice with lambrequins:

So, the key features and issues regarding the drape’s cornices you already know. So do not waste time, and go in search of a suitable cornice.

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