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Black-and-White Drapes in interior (30 Photos)

The combination of black and white color is an invariable Classic, which today is difficult to surprise someone. However, if we are talking about the interior design of a bedroom or a kitchen, a living room or any other ones, the views about it can be categorically different.

For certain people, the black color is the color of depression and a symbol of melancholy, so someone thinks t ... Read more »

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Organza Drapes − Ideas with Pictures (30 Images)

The main purpose of drapes is to protect the room from different prying eyes from the street and from the excess of light coming from the outside. So when the drapes open in daytime, the windows remain "naked”, so as a rule, along with drapes used curtains or tulle – hangings of a transparent material that do not interfere with solar light to pass into the apartment, and thus do not leave the ... Read more »

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Drapes in Nursery for Girls (35 Photos)

A nursery room is one of the most interesting objects that can be implemented by real and interesting design ideas and fantasies. Since repairing in the nursery, of parents themselves are immersed into the children's times and with pleasure involved in this work. And if the boy's nursery room nearly always has a strict view, a room for the girl is more tender and romantic. Therefore, in the girl's ... Read more »

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Drapes in Nursery Room − 25 Photos

The mood in the nursery room sets not only the colors and shades of the walls, ceiling or floor. It is also dictated by the textile items and accessories that take an active part in the decoration. Bed-covers and drapes play a huge role in this room, which has a mission to create an aesthetic and comfortable atmosphere of the nursery. As a rule, parents do in such a way that with the help of drapes tryi ... Read more »

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Modern Drapes for Sitting-Room − Samples in Photos (45 Photos)

The drapes design of the interior is a traditional classic. The sitting-room with drapes is an everyday occurrence, which today does not surprise anyone. However, in order to impress guests, a great option would be the acquisition of modern drapes in the sitting-room, which can amaze visitors. In this article we explain in more detail about what drapes today are modern, and whi ... Read more »

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Gray Drapes − Collection of Interesting Ideas with Pictures (45 photos)

Luxurious shades may not always be perceived unambiguously. This is the case with the gray color in the interior. Someone takes the gray color, as the image of something new, modern and stylish (in association with Hi-Tech style in the interior, with modern mobile phones, computers of gray, metallic color, etc.), and someone the gray color seems to be something mundane ... Read more »

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Light Drapes in Interior Photo Collection (35 Pieces)

One of the last details that are done after repairs in the apartment is the selection and installation of drapes. The drapes in the apartment give a sense of accomplishment, comfort and coziness – if they are removed, the room feels empty and "bare”. Therefore, the use of drapes is a Classic style. Another problem is what concrete curtains may be chosen for the apartment? – The light cu ... Read more »

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Red Drapes in Interior - Selection of 35 Photos

Original and yet beautifully designed window in the room plays an important role in the interior design. It is a kind of the final stage on the way of decorating the room, so the choice of window drapes, their shapes and textures, colors and patterns is a very difficult stage. An excellent variant for a window decoration in the apartment is the use of the red drapes. It is widely held that the ... Read more »

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Cornices for Drapes. All You Need to Know

Ending of repairs in the apartment, usually it comes to the installation of the cornice and hanging up on it drapes or tulle. Here there can arise some problems and difficulties, such as due to the radiator will protrude further than a tulle mounting niche. Or you live on the top floor of the house, and your ceiling is beveled a little, so the installed drape will look crooked. What is to be done in ... Read more »

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Green Drapes in Interior − Interesting Ideas for Design (35 Photos)

Many people know that in winter the mood of the person is not as rose-colored as in spring or summer. And the thing is not even in the harsh February cold. A very important role in this is played by the color, or rather its absence, particularly, an absence of the green color. A person is so accustomed to the calm of green shade that this color becomes likable and congenia ... Read more »

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