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White drapes in Interior − Collection of Unique Photos

The white shade even by its nature is unique – it is a combination of many colors, and at the same time, it is the absence any of them. The white color refers to the universal colors in the interior design, with which you can equip absolutely any space. In particular, the white drapes as the drapes on the windows are using everywhere. The other natural shades − snow color or chalk, milky ... Read more »

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The Beige Drapes in Interior (30 photos)

The beige drapes are the undisputed attribute of universal, very popular and a slam dunk solution to the issue of the apartments design. Drapes with such shade have quite a number of advantages over the others. For example, they are much more effective to protect the room from sunlight, but the light itself absorb like darker shades. On top of that, beige color wallpaper is applicable in all dwellin ... Read more »

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Bamboo Wallpaper (with photos)

Today, bamboo wallpapers, probably, at the peak of their fame. Never yet they were not as popular as it is now. The reason for this is many factors, ranging from the fact that they consist of the natural material, and ending with their uniqueness, beauty and elegance. Therefore, the bamboo wallpapers are now one of the most modern design solutions used in the walls decoration.

What do these wallpa ... Read more »

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Drapes Design

Drapes are a very important attribute of furniture. They can highlight anything in the room or, vice verse, take itself to the main emphasis. By revising the photo set in our website, you will see that modern drapes are not only pieces of thick cloth, whose main task is to protect the room from light. Modern drapes made of different natural and synthetic, hypoallergenic materials ... Read more »

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