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Finally, you have moved into his own apartment, and not simple, but in the studio-apartment. This means that there is a blank canvas at your disposal. How to design such a spacious and comfortable empty room? Of course, we all want from the design to be relevant as long as possible, so that, in addition to comfort in the apartment it is necessary to create a certain style that would fit all the canons.


Benefits of the Studio Apartments

Studio apartment is a free space that has no boundaries − walls. It is a single whole. So in this apartment you will not be constrained and burdened by nothing. Studio apartment is ideal for one or two persons. Studio apartment − a flight of your imagination, so that you will be able to realize all the wishes in it.

What the Difference is between the Design of Studio Apartment and Usual Flat

A design of the studio apartment, in essence, has no differences from any other usual flats’ design. However, if there is the wrong approach to the designing under way to the furniture’s arrangement and in the creating of functional areas, you will risk turning a studio apartment just into one-bedroom flat with lots of furniture. So the main point is: in order to create a comfortable and cozy apartment studio’s interior, a special attention should be paid to the functional areas.


Zoning − as the Main Way to Create Comfort

Many people have assumed that only one person can live comfortable in a studio apartment, convenient for a single simple reason: it is impossible for oneself to stay there along. We hasten to assure that this is not true. Studio apartment can have a multi-functional space, not just a large room with a dining table and a place to sleep. Zoning − the main method of space’s differentiation and increasing the functionality of the studio apartments. To delineate the space using bits of furniture, lighting, or decoration, and by means of color. Sofas, curtains, screens − all of these are physical delimiters, light and color − visual delimiters.

Before you start the apartment’s zoning determine how many zones you need, how much space you are willing to allocate to them and whether such a space mission will justify you as a room’s area. And only then you can choose the zoning’s procedure.


Methods of Zoning

So, as we have indicated above, − zoning is the key to ensure a comfortableness of apartment. But there is no sense in doing zoning far too obvious and sharp, because you run the risk of loosing apartment’s style.

Elevation changes − one way of zoning, which is defined at the stage of major overhaul in the apartment. What’s wrong with the podiums and stairs, which will raise one or another part of the studio apartment on 11-19 inches relative to the height of the ceiling.

Use a variety of home decoration materials in order to create zones in the studio apartment. For example, a ceramic tile or a decorative plaster can be used in the dining area, which are very practical materials for the cooking zone. In principle, the decorative plaster is quite suitable for recreation, for work room, but, however, you can change the texture.

Council − its richness, sources and the color itself will also help to delineate the space in the studio apartment. Richer fluorescent bulbs should be used in an area where you will be working. It can be used less bright lamp in the recreation area, floor-lamps or wall fittings instead of ceiling lighting fittings. To beat space as possible with the help of color, for example, it is quite acceptable color lights (red, blue, green, etc.) in the kitchen or in the hallway of the apartment.


Design Variability

Make sure that the delimiters look harmoniously in general. Use only tested combinations, then your style will not be called into the question.

The advantage of a studio apartment is that it gives a space to your imagination. If you want to put a home cinema in the apartment − please, pick out only 32-43 square feet space for it: a television set can be attached to the wall in order to save space, to place a sofa or several chairs can be placed around. As for speakers of home theater − they can be placed behind the furniture.

To allocate a space is possible by means of furniture units − create a unique themed islands. If you are not a fan of furniture, then you can build yourself a mobile dressing room. It requires a folding screen behind which itself will be traveling with clothes tree. It is the very practical design option that takes up a little space.


Is it Possible to Allow Using Different Styles in One Apartment?

It may be permissible a combination of several interior styles in the space of the apartment studio. But we should not forget that the studio apartment, despite zoning, is a single ensemble, but the most importantly − a thorough overlooking room. So you do not go to extremes and mixed ethnic styles as they will be strong and not always beneficial to contrast against each other.

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