Drapes Design

Drapes are a very important attribute of furniture. They can highlight anything in the room or, vice verse, take itself to the main emphasis. By revising the photo set in our website, you will see that modern drapes are not only pieces of thick cloth, whose main task is to protect the room from light. Modern drapes made of different natural and synthetic, hypoallergenic materials.

As you can see, the drapes are vertical, horizontal. Due to various designs of construction, you will be able to raise and lower one or more drapes. As for design of drapes themselves, it should be noted not only the density of colors, but their easiness. Yes, the drapes can be light, but does not weigh down the interior. Thus, it is very important to combine harmoniously not only colors, but fabrics. Drapes made of natural cotton will look great in any interior with ease, but the drapes made of satin, fabrics with coating, brocade need a special attention to their inclusion in the design of the apartment.

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