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How Important Are Vases in Interior?

The role of the vase in the interior is greatly underestimated. Many consider this item as the trinket, to be used only when there are flowers in the house. For this reason, vases gather dust in closets and cupboards, waiting for the proper moment.

In a modern interior, this decoration subject is very important, highlighting the advantages and hiding disadvantages of the apartment design. In this ... Read more »

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Cape on Sofa - Examples in Photos

Creating and setting a certain style in the interior design, you must take care not only about the question of aesthetic beauty, but also the practicality of all that has been used. For example, installing in the home or sofa bed, after a while, the surface of the furniture wears significantly loses color and fades. To avoid this, designers have resorted to cunning one, and at the same time practical way − ... Read more »

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Round Tables in Interiors

Today, not an apartment, either a house can not dispense with the table. Because this interior attribute is necessary in the kitchen for cooking and making of food on it, and for personal purposes as a place, where you can sit at the computer, read books or write. Variants for tables may be very different, and a table with round configuration is one of the oldest of them. This type of table is used often as the pla ... Read more »

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Round Bed − Update Bedroom

The most peaceful and comfortable place in the apartment rightfully belongs to the bedroom. In the bedroom it is possible to relax with pleasure, simply to have a rest and forget about everyday problems, calming your thoughts. To get a true comfortable bedroom, it is necessary to make the correct repair and install the appropriate furniture. The most important task is to install a bed, which plays a key role. ... Read more »

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117 Photos of the Sofas in the Interior 

 Interior without sofa seems completely empty, which is why this item is from the world of furniture is present in almost all apartments. As you can see, the sofas are versatile. There is no strict frameworks that would restrict the placement of sofas in the certain rooms.

Let's r ... Read more »

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Materials for Furniture

We are used to comfort and order, thus we are sitting on the chair, eating at the table, sleeping in the bed, do not throwing down clothes in the corner, stored them in the wardrobe. That is, we do not already conceive ourselves without furniture. Being the supreme an ... Read more »

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Countertops Characteristics. Aiding in Selection. Secrets

Already four centuries ago, there were tables with the countertops which were served usually as the elegant chessboards. Tables with countertops barricaded down toward the enemy in the pubs, taverns, saloons, reliably defended even from the enemy’s handguns. At present time an aspiration toward reliability and ... Read more »

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