How to Arrange Bedroom for Relax Body and Soul

Everybody after each day, and they all, by the way, consists of good and bad, wants to rest, tranquility. Crossing the bedroom's threshold, we instinctively wish to leave behind the entire negative that affected us during the day. And if in the bedroom anything was scratched by the sight, normal rest and sleep will be gone.

Physiologically a person sleeps comfortably even on the granite stone if the last precisely follows the contours, projections and depressions of his body. So, though a bedroom is the place to sleep; but not only the body but also the soul must relax there. And thinking about how to improve the design of a bedroom, we must remember that there are no trifles there, to rest in it during a few years calmly, at least until the next repair.

Bedroom Location in House

If you choose to place for a bedroom in the bearing-wall house, there are, in general, two variants. Or choose the most back room as less noisy, or, if in the one-bedroom choose the smaller (the greater one is traditionally relegated to the living room). Ideally, the bedroom should be on the east or south-east side. Waking up, you will plunge into the sea of light, which will cause only positive emotions (of course, if the sun does not beat directly in the eyes).

By the way, this resonates with the Christian worldview: the icon-case with icons always has to be in the east corner (as the altar in the temple), so, the head of a sleeping person must be facing to the icons. In a duplex-type house the bedrooms for the elderly are located on the first floor, for children and parents − on the second. If you want to prevent the noises from the street, you should install insulated glazing units in the bedroom.

Bedroom Interior

The bedroom is truly your own territory. Not necessarily that there was a sustained style of the other house rooms. If other rooms are made with subconsciously looking out for the guests, friends and neighbors (as well what can they think!), a bedroom must like namely you, and namely you should feel comfortable and cozy there. But still there are a number of features that should not be neglected, and which will not spoil any style.

A bed as the main detail of the bedroom should be placed parallel to the window, but no closer than forty inches away from the heater. A nightstand or a bedside table should be placed near the window.

Most often we are storing linen in the bedroom, so a sliding door wardrobe do not prevent here. It is worth noting that it is the perfect solution for a small space (won't interfere with constantly opening doors), and built into this wardrobe sliding mirror doors visually increase the volume of such room.

Above the bed there should be no huge shelves, lamps, pictures. Implicitly there will be a feeling that they are falling on you, so sleep is not already calm. Dressers, mirrors, ottomans have a place to be in the bedroom, but they are getting to be a band, not a jumble of furniture. You can put the bed with a luxurious, beautifully canopy in the large bedroom − and will you really worse than French Louis the Fourteenth?

It is better if the bed, furniture and floors are made of natural materials because the wood always affects human health in the best way. The rugs or mats near the bed also should be natural: wool, fur, flax. A headboard of the double bed is placed closely to the wall, and never bed's lateral side. Also, the entrance to the bedroom must be visible from the bed. Houseplants not only add a charm to the bedroom, they will remove carbon dioxide and enrich the air with oxygen (however, you need to check that they do not cause one or the other plant allergies).

Bedroom's Colors

They play a significant role, it has proven by medical science (chrome therapy). The color representing the energy of different lengths electromagnetic waves in different ways can affect the body. Consequently on the human health, but not only during the rest but also during sleeping.

For example, green and pale green shades relieve the mental fatigue, yellow color brings a feeling of warmth, cyan and blue − a calm, red and violet − bear the discomfort and instill anxiety, brown color, it is believed that accelerates the aging process.

Of course, there is a great number of shades of any color. Terracotta colors being a soft shade of brown that is, their pastel tones make the bedroom cozy, relax and slow down the aging.

In addition, the perception of color depends on age: if bright colors can influence on the young people excitingly, older people are simply annoyed by them. The warm pastel colors (pale lemon, cream, beige, etc.) are suitable to elderly people. These colors are bringing pacification and if you have found them the coziest and warm, they are suitable to you too.

Bedroom Lighting

The most important rule − the light should be dim, muted. Annoying bright light in the bedroom will cause discomfort, especially upon awakening:

  • If you like reading before the bedtime, the light should fall evenly on a book from all sides. But this should not prevent a person who sleeps beside you, and that means that this lighting must be mounted separately for the either side of the bed.
  • If there is a night table in the bedroom, it is necessary to put it so that all parts of a person's face will be lighting evenly: incorrect make up is a work of a bad plasterer.
  • You should get up at night, or don't like the absolute darkness − there are locally installed lamps or cove lighting in these cases.
  • It should be a light near the wardrobe: the one, who dresses up, going to work, should not disturb someone still sleeps. Any local back light helps to separate the bedroom area (dresser, reading armchair, etc.) by zones.
  • To not be afraid of your own sharp shadow there should be a soft additional lighting. No matter what it will be cover: a picture, your favorite flower or a dueling pistol, the main thing − the creation of light background.

Room, Where Third of Life Is Passed

Deciding how to improve a bedroom according to all the canons is not quite correct to dwell only on the appearance, color and lighting. Bedroom and linen − almost inseparable concepts. What should be the linen? First to be natural, then to match the style of a bedroom's color score and the ability to create a certain atmosphere. Yes, and "Frosty freshness" or "Highland lavender" is not an empty sound (or rather smell).

Often the lack of square feet is forcing to combine a bedroom, for example, with a work-room or library. In these cases, it is better to divide the bedroom into zones by screens or interior partitions. And thus it is necessary somehow to try to do the bedroom not looked separated (agree, sounds lonely), but on the contrary, the work-room constituted a separate territory. Do not forget about dressers and chests, the main thing that they do not look as an eyesore, but organically fit into the interior.

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