How to Create a Shelving System in the Room

 A proper organization of shelving system for storage items − the primal problem on the way to the ergonomic use of space. Cabinets, sets of shelves, hanging shelves help us therein. We store a large mass of things just in them.

The Key Specifications of an Ideal Shelving System

In order to create a perfect shelving system in the room it is necessary to follow the certain rules:


  1. First of all − the availability of items. You must admit that you use most often something that should be close to it. Be sure, after a couple of days you will tire of climbing for your favorite mug on the shelf’s top in the kitchen, simultaneously balancing on the pouf, even it is look there perfectly. The same can be said about books, folders in the study room, it is not necessary to remove them away or sort according to your certain logic.


  1. Rule two − we must save space, but do not overload it. Therefore, choosing shelves or a rack, just fancy, how this unit of furniture will look like in the room. We still recommend to choose shelves, because they have a dynamic option. Thus, in a single room, you will be able to divide the shelves or create one specific system for your room. This system may be different. You can set all the shelves at the same level round the room’s perimeter. This option is suitable for rooms with high ceilings. You can set the shelves one by the other, thus saving much space, but it is not the fact that all items will fit in height.


Shelves can not be only a simple unit of interiors, but they can be their autonomous decoration, and should not be forgotten about it when installing shelves.

Saving Space

Generally, shelves are created in order to save space by the way of placing different things on them.

Just the shelving system allows saving space maximally. So all things will be suited in the same spatial plane, and the same will give you an interior orderliness.

However, sometimes it is simply impossible to install a pair of sticks, because it is not enough for to add interior completeness. In this case we suggest you to use glass or plastic shelves instead of non-wood massive counterparts. The plastic used for the manufacture of shelves is very strong, despite the fact that the design of it might look fragile. Colored plastic or glass facilitate the design visually, so you can make fairly extensive shelving systems even for a small room.

You can save a space in the case of setting the reasonable shelves. So, if there are no doors in your room, the shelves can be installed near the beginning of the wall. If the room is narrow but long, they can be installed around the window frames. Thus, you visually expand this room, because you have made one wall "bigger and capacious”. You can expand the space by using mirrored shelves. The corner shelves are excellent for saving interior space. Corners are usually empty, so the shelves will be an excellent complement to the interior and filling up the empty space.

Shelves of irregular shapes, for example, oval, or at an angle less or more than 90 degrees to each other and others, simplify their constructions visually.

Shelves are installing logically in the work space of the study room, and better yet nearby the desk. The bathroom shelving system should be positioned in such way that it would be possible to reach this shower gel and that toothpaste, but at the same time water from the shower must not falling on the scented bath soap.

Actually, there are very many nuances here. Therefore, before to install shelves, you must calculate all the pros and cons. Pay attention to the shelves material and their structure.

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