How to Make Ceiling in Bathroom?

It is well known that the main difference the bathroom and other ones in our apartments is a high and constant level of humidity. As you know, moisture is not the best way affects the walls and ceiling with its devastating effects. Also, due to moisture there is a high likelihood that on the surface of the walls, in the seams between the tiles and the ceiling a fungus can seem.

Regarding the ceiling, it notes that it needs to be quite resistant to the moisture as the steam from a hot shower always rises up, and it acts mainly on the ceiling. Therefore, an important question arises before you how to make the ceiling in the bathroom so that he has served without problems for a long time? Now we will tell you about it.

Ceiling Paint Job in Bathroom

The least expensive, budget and simple variant of finishing the ceiling in the bathroom are considered an ordinary painting. After all, it does not need anything to think and invent. It is enough to go to the store to paint and just color the ceiling. Of course, when choosing to paint you should pay attention to the fact that it was waterproof. This type of finishing can serve five, ten years. But, if you live on the top floor of the house and your roof is leaking or you have from above the forgetful neighbors who can get down to you a water flood, the paint is likely to become worthless.

A ceiling paint job in the bathroom.

It should also be noted that the ceiling's coloring is already a very outdated job of finishing the ceiling in the bathroom because there are more effective modern aids to do this, which we now consider.

Suspended Ceiling for Bathroom

For example, you can use the different types of suspended ceilings in the bathroom such as suspended ceilings with mineral wool plates. They are the excellent variant for arranging a ceiling in the bathroom. That is why the each mineral plate consists mostly of clay, which is known to be well resistant to high humidity levels.

Mineral tiles from clay.

A choice of the materials for the device of the suspended ceiling is a very sensitive topic. Arriving at the store, do not chase the cheapest types of mineral wool plates because they have not very good characteristics. Better buy the mineral wool plates in an average price range, or even better just contact to the seller and consult him.

If you want to make the ceiling in the bathroom sustained, buy the most water-resistant panels. Plates of such class are capable of withstanding the moisture level close to the greatest index. It relies on the special technology of manufacturing plates that using a large amount of clay and firing specially.

Gypsum plaster ceiling in the bathroom.

An important point is the mineral wool plates are very resistant to water and can withstand the significant flows of water in the case of flooding. If the water hits on such material, it is only slightly swollen in the vertical plane. It, in turn, does not allow the ceiling to change shape around the perimeter. And after drying the plates there are no stay any traces on them. But if the mineral plates are exposed to the attack of rusty water, stains, most likely, will stay essentially the same as on any other material.

Ceiling of steel tiles for the bathroom.

Also, other than mineral wool plates you can use steel tiles. Of course, this material is more durable, so the design of the ceiling will be very reliable. But despite this, the steel tile has several drawbacks. First, this is a minimal choice of color spectrum, and secondly, this tile often becomes dirty, so it will have often to be washed.

Rack Ceiling for Bathroom

Almost the alternative is a different kind of false ceiling executed in the form of strips. Your attention is drawn to this ceiling in the bathroom. Moreover, the ceiling is perfectly resistant to the high humidity, as well as the tile's one.

Lathe ceiling for the bathroom.

The lathe ceiling consists of light aluminum strips of different widths and colors. In texture, they are glossy or matte, mirror, and so on. As a final result, after everything has been considered and done: you have the ceiling to be what you like. Moreover, a ceiling is very lightweight (weight of about 2.2 lb. per square foot), it is not subjected to corrosion, has a waterproof surface that almost is not polluted. The installation of the material is very simple, which makes it quite affordable.

Stretched Ceilings in Bathroom

Well, and, of course, it is impossible not to talk about the use stretched ceilings in the bathroom. We all are familiar with the positive qualities of these ceilings, installed in other rooms of the apartment. Stretched film coating will not be exposed to moisture from both sides internal and external. In addition, this film will hold the water drained from the main ceiling, and the firm that mounted such a ceiling for you will help decide the next removal of water accumulation.

The variants of stretched ceiling in the bathroom.

Thus, before you do the ceiling in the bathroom, do not take primarily the paint and try to step away finally from the outdated methods. Try using one of the ceilings described above, and you will see what innovations and positive qualities they have. Let this ceiling and will cost you a little more expensive, but in the course of its operation you will not know him any headaches.

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