Small-Sized Apartments Design − the Ideas of How to Make a Compact Little Apartment Cozy and Comfortable?

A small apartment has no comfortable disposition of rooms, large hallways, spacious bathrooms, in general. But, thanks to the possibilities of interior design, even the most uncomfortable and cramped apartment can become a convenient and cozy berthing space.

The Increase and Adaption of Space

There are two pieces of advice about it:

  1. Let's start with the increase of space. A room, cluttered up to the ceiling-high (which are usually not very high in such kind of apartment) with books and "family” tableware, just do not snug comfort to it. If you have the chance, get a modern system with shelves and racks. Glass − a great way to lighten the room, make it visually more spacious, so that the glass shelves must replace the huge wardrobes. Beefing up the space can be achieved by other methods, for example, using of mainly light colors in the interior of rooms. The space can be extended with the usage of light, numerous mirrors, unpretentious bulk drawings on the walls, etc.


2.      Re-planning − is not a very convenient procedure, alas, but believe us, the result is worth it. A small apartment, usually − a standardized accommodation, the individualization is absent in full and, of course, there will be uncomfortable to live there. Adjust the apartment space for your taste; you will enjoy your rightful square feet. Of course, a small apartment re-planning will take a lot of time and a lot of efforts. To destroy the wall in one place and build it in another are needed to pass various authorities in order to be licensed to the demolition permit. And when there is not only a partial repairing, but a whole rebuilding in the small apartment, it is also problematic. Though, you can create one spacious room from two narrow small ones, highlighting in it the zones for recreation and for work. You will be able to combine a kitchen with the living area, thereby increasing the space simultaneously, and to destroy the wall in the bathroom finally, to connect it with the water closet, and to place the washing machine on the free square area.

Choose a Style

You surely understood, that for one and two room’s apartments minimalism is better than you can imagine. However, this style can be safely combined with others.

Take a concept "minimalism” in the purest form. This is a compactness, which is expressed in the simple shapes and colors. The light color palette is the basis, however, furniture and other interior items can be allocated on the apartment background as a stark contrast, which, by the way, should not be larger than are actually required. It is characteristic for minimalism that the combination of two or three colors that are close in tone, more often is cool, bright and muted colors that just saves the space. Minimalism does not tolerate fading, large windows, a lot of light − all of this will fill the space within refreshing energy and comfort.

However, the "cold”, so to say, minimalism is not might seem cozy to everybody. Therefore, you can easily add the style out of your favorite home furnishings. For example, to lay a carpet in warm colors with the fluffy long nap in the center of the living room. You see, the room looks more comfortable already.

Often minimalism conforms to hi-tech, which is perfect for small apartments. Hi-tech is laconic too, but unlike the minimalism it does not assume such color tolerance, so you have more freedom, furnishing your small apartment in this style.

Convenience and laconic usage of space will help even a small apartment to make a cozy and comfortable. Use light shades, modern cabinet and upholstered furniture, simple 3D-drawings and rigid geometry.

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