Interior Design in Avant-Garde Style

Characteristics of the Style

The avant-garde style emerged in the early twentieth century. This is a style-protest, style-innovation, which transcends classicism and creates new shapes, going with the times.

It is characterized by dynamics and energy, and therefore suitable for the bold, ballsy and courageous people, experimenters. It is not only represent their temperament and outlook, but will not stop, causing a motivation to blossom out.

Important features of the avant-garde style can be called contrast, color and form.


Contrast Throughout

Harsh colors, incompatible objects, different textures and finishing materials − all this is inherent to the avant-garde interior.

Colors are used in different combinations, but they should be bright and clean. White, red, black, green, yellow − the basic palette style.

You can make the walls with the different colors, or on one wall to combine several contrasting shades. It will impart to the room individuality and expression.

The avant-garde style allows using of practically any finishing materials, but it is advisable to choose the newest and the most modern of them − laminated coatings, suspended ceilings, decorative plaster.

Wallpapers are not commonly used, walls are simply painted. This style involves a constant updating and modernization of the apartment. It is not allowed a trivial finishing and a light decor.


Furniture Selection

Home appliances and consumer electronics should be of high quality and expensive, furniture − stand out with color, unusual shapes, finish.

Tables and chairs of this style can be made of metal, wardrobes − with the original decor.

Do not forget about contrast. Bright walls need dark furniture, or vice versa. And all items must be as functional as possible, so welcome the variety of sliding elements and the furniture-transformer.


Textiles Selection

The curtains should be chosen of bright colors, contrasting with the walls and furniture. Fabric must be modern, figuration cut of curtains − unusual. You can do experiments, the main thing − do not overdo in it with the small details.



Luminaries of original forms from unusual materials are chosen for the apartment's lighting. Using light bulbs, built in the niches, are nice too.

The avant-garde style is a choice for those who are not afraid of unconventional solutions and innovations in the decor of their apartment.

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