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Secondary Partition Wall for Zoning Room − Ideas with Photos

One of the most effective ways of delimitation of space it is rightfully assumed the secondary partition wall for zoning the room. It can be quite different − entire floor-to-ceiling construction for a precise division of space in the apartment, or lightweight and fishnet to only identify areas between the zones. In this article let us view, what sort of wall secondary partitions ... Read more »

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Elegant Tropical Style Bedroom

Each of us experiences in life a lot of stress and emotions, which sometimes is not so easy to take in stride. And how often do we need place where you can get rid of the stress. To do this usefully, we go, for example, in the spas or baths, where each of us knows how to effectively apply such procedures. But why always to go somewhere if you can make a comfortable atmosphere that helps get rid of stress, r ... Read more »

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Boho Style in Interior – Design Examples

Among the extraordinary fashion items and trends there are many styles, including styles of interior decoration. One of these is the Boho style – French view at how look should like a dwelling. It can be easily recognized by the distinctive details and characteristics. In this article we will tell about this style, and looking at the photos of apartment’s design in the Bohemian style, you will be sur ... Read more »

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Bedroom in Japanese Style

A repair in the apartment shows, how well its owner has been puzzled over the styles, and if he has his own taste and opinion on the conduct of such repairs. When, for example, the apartment is renovated with an emphasis on simplicity and functionality, it shows the degree of practicality by the owner. And if it is made in an elegant and beautiful style, it shows the taste of its master. Today there are many sty ... Read more »

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Bedroom in Minimal Art Style − Ideas with Photos

One of the unique styles in the interior is considered to be the Minimal Art style. Strict expressiveness, limiting the use of simple shapes and colors can be observed in its overtones. Features are also seen in the terms of furniture selection, room’s decor and accessories. This style is perfect suited for those who love spaciousness and easiness in the space of the room. This style is suit ... Read more »

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Bedroom in Italian Style

Discussing rooms in the apartment or the house, it should not go unspoken about the bedrooms. After all, this place is the most secluded area of the house. It is here where the strangers come in rare and this is a place where each owner can truly relax and have a rest. In this regard, it is necessary to pay close attention to process of design and setting the mood for the bedroom's interior. Generally, the atmosp ... Read more »

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Bedroom in Zen Style − Harmony and Relaxation

Before you make a bedroom in the style of Zen, you should become more familiar with it to understand what it differs from the classic Oriental style, and what features are characteristic to him. The fact is that with the increasing popularity of Oriental style, began to appear, and those that had the features of a classic Asia. So, there were styles Zen Buddhist style, Chinese, Japanese, and ... Read more »

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Violet Color in Interior − Examples Compilation in Photos (35 Photos)

The violet or lilac color is a combination of red and blue shades, so depth and beautiful tone is inherent to this color. Purple shade looks greatly with both cool and warm shades. It adds to the atmosphere of the interior a mystery and sophistication, elegance and wealth. Let us run through in this article, how the violet color is adapted to the interior of the dwelling, ... Read more »

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Woodpile and Storage Space for It in Interior

We are sure that many owners of private houses possessed such a gorgeous piece of furniture, like the fireplace. In addition to the direct function, the fireplace perfectly complements the interior, becomes a kind of zest, which must be used to the best effect within the room, add the common impression complementing to space the greater comfort, aristocratic chic and just the heat.

... Read more »

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Olive in Interior (25 Photos)

The combination of different shades in the interior design is a whole science that requires careful studying. It is especially difficult to combine bright or natural colors, such as colors of forest foliage or dry green of emerald green or olive shade. In this article we will talk just about the olive color and how it should correctly look like in the interior.

... Read more »

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