Leather Tiles – Royal Style Era

At the moment leather tiles have become the top of individuality and aesthetics. Therefore, this article discusses such aspects as:

  • The advantage in caring for the leather tiles.
  • The features of the leather tiles.
  • Variety of the leather tiles. 
  • An installation of leather products.

To start repairing in our time is already not problematic. Modern technology has advanced so far that the majority of consumers are not aware all diversities of the construction materials. Even quite recently the construction companies offered ceramic tile, laminate, parquet board, but at the moment the top of individuality and aesthetics has become the leather tiles. This material is combined in itself the naturalness and durability in practice.

By the way, the leather tiles had been used in the interior and by our ancestors. They have become the spiritual Renaissance gift, the era of luxury and kings, the Royal style and originality. If at those times the leather tiles were a Royal privilege, today they are practically accessible to all. These tiles can be used as the interior covering of ceilings, walls and even floors. They are suitable for any room – for offices, country cottages, houses, apartments, libraries, and many others.

Leather Tile − Home Care

Judging by the title, it is easy to define characteristics of this product: nature normalcy, naturalness, and hence the ecological material's purity, which will decorate the floors and walls of the dwelling. And this is a big plus when making a bedroom or nursery. And don't worry about that for the leather tiles a care can be costly and complex. It is far from it.

The leather tiles floor is well washed with water and soap or plain water. If the tile is made from faux leather, such flooring may be cleaned with a water-alcohol solution (50%) or an agent containing a small amount of ammonia. You must be careful with vacuuming − to tile it is possible to apply the nozzle-brush, but it is not necessary to use the steam cleaners. The leather is also afraid of bleach.

The principal care of coating includes wiping the surface with a cream made from honey and natural fat. This will impart to the skin elasticity and softness, prevent the appearance of cracks, lameness and roughness. It is sufficient to carry out this procedure every six months.

Features Leather Tiles

Manufacturers of the leather tiles distinguish the following characteristics of this finishing material:

1. Soundproofing. Leather has the property to absorb sound, which remained inherent and to this covering material.
2. Durability. Floor leather tiles − an expected life, if properly cared, for 15 years, wall leather tiles − for 20-25 years.
3. Heat insulation. This leather is able to retain heat.
4. High environmental performance.
5. The ease of installation. Not required flat surface. It may be gluing on the plywood, particleboard or over the old wallpapers. The main feature is that in the case of damage one tile, it may be changed by the new one, as necessary, re-gluing of the entire surface is not required.
6. Large assortment and aesthetics. Leather tiles are made in different shapes and textures. From the mosaics until the large slabs. From the striking bold drawings until the monochromatic pale shades. It all depends on the naming, collections and from the aims of designers. The choice is enormous.

Variety of leather tiles

The leather surfaces are popular for the decoration of walls in the inhabited and office premises. The types of shades and colors are diverse. Now let us look in detail at the shape and dimensions. Standard shapes and sizes: a rectangle – about 11.8 x 17.7 in., a square – about 7.9 x 11.8 in. Also, when you are creating a zest to the decor of the room you may take a leather tile with the octagonal shape with sides of about 7.9 x 7.9 in., hex ones - about 9.1 x 7.9 in.; a wave tile – its dimensions about 5.5 x 11.8 in. Such an extraordinary form of tiles is connected among itself by the little squares about 3.2 in.

These tiles are making of faux and genuine leather. The used material is a skin of a calf, a crocodile or a python. A leather tile consists of the layers: a top layer – decorative, an intermediate − foam rubber and the lower − cellulose. The artificial materials are perfectly mimicking the natural lipid coat.

Leather tiles on the floor are made from durable layers. The bottom layer is made of porcelain stoneware and the upper thick layer (thickness about 0.1 in.) – of bovine leather. The leather is treated specially that it would withstand mechanical loads and serve for a long time.

The size and shape of the floor covering close to standard sizes. Rectangular plates are about 11.8/23.6 in. Square shaped – about 23.6/17.7 in.

Leather tiles flooring consists of the correct assembly of forms (for material's non-standard dimensions and forms) with the drawing. And for the attachment it is used the PVA glue or liquid nails.

The leather tiles are not only aesthetically expressive finishing material, but also unique. The best characteristics are naturalness and softness. They are perfect for any room where the owners like to walk barefoot.

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