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What Should Be Design of Modern Living-Room? (75 Photos)

What should be a modern living-room design? Of course, the definite answer to this question is extremely difficult to obtain, because everything depends on a variety of the factors. These are: an area of the apartment (in particular, the very living room), its location, financial possibilities of the owners of apartments and so on.

In one, we are confident for sure − you ... Read more »

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Front Rooms Interiors. 36 photos

Modern design of the front (living) rooms can be varied. As you can see in the photos, the front rooms interiors are different in style. Here is the Classic style, the Empire, living rooms in the Vintage style, the Fusion, the Minimal Art, the Eco-style, etc.

The front room, as a rule, reflects the preferences of inhabitants of the apartment. Therefore serves as a peculiar indicator of the lifes ... Read more »

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Interior of Front Room − 100 Photos

Your apartment may not have two bedrooms, a study room and a sports corner, but without a front room it will definitely be inadequate. The living (front) room is a multifunctional room, where we can relax, chat with friends, just have fun.

So, the front room should fully respond its functionality to your needs. In this case, the room should not be overloaded interior items; it should be cozy ... Read more »

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Ideas of Living Room Design. 45 Images in Photos Collection

A living (front) room has the central role in the interior of all apartment. It specifies the atmosphere of living, creates a favorable micro climate in the house, and do many other functions, which are very important. For this reason, every apartment's owner is thinking of ideas for the design of a living room, a photo that we will show in this article. Remember, that it depends o ... Read more »

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Modern Living Room Design − Selection of 55 Photos

A modern living (front) room should meet all modern requirements. This means that the living room should be maximal comfortable, cozy and combine all the latest innovations. The atmosphere of it should be quiet and always be ready to rest and relaxation. However, the front room should be lively and vibrant.

Therefore, if you want to make a perfect design of the modern living room, t ... Read more »

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Living Room Design - Ideas for Convenience and Comfort

The living room is the "facial" room of the whole apartment. This room is a common, universal, where we spend our leisure time, watching TV or reading a book, there our friends are going to over a cup of coffee. So, the living room simply has to be as convenient and comfortable. Here are some ideas you can use to add coziness and comfort to the living room:

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Living Room in Bright Colors

We all want bright emotions and unforgettable impressions. When we mean the successful and interesting life, we talk about the fact that it takes place in the bright colors. Is it so important a color indeed, what impression do the bright colors give us, what emotions do they give?

Influence of Colors on Human Emoti ... Read more »

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Front Room in Scandinavian Style − How to Do? (30 Photos)

Speaking of the Scandinavian countries, the way of life of people in these countries, their traditions and customs, it seems that a style of improving an apartment and a house in their dwellings stretches from ancient times. However, as it turned out, the so-called Scandinavian style, as a trend in the interior design, has appeared relatively recently − around the end of the XIX cent ... Read more »

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