Materials for Furniture

We are used to comfort and order, thus we are sitting on the chair, eating at the table, sleeping in the bed, do not throwing down clothes in the corner, stored them in the wardrobe. That is, we do not already conceive ourselves without furniture. Being the supreme and intellectual human beings, we drew to the beautiful. However, the aesthetic perception, just as the quantity of personal finance, is pushing us to vary options, all the more their diversity is amazing. The furniture is different by shape, color, size, but the most important difference that affects our perception and price, − the material from which it is made of.


What is Furniture Producing of?

Aside from the accessories, glue and trim, the basic furniture materials are:

-  metal (its different types and alloys);

-  glass (standard including organic);

-  plastic (varied forms);

-  wood (different kinds). It can be used as a monolith, and chipboard, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and hardboard, derived from the waste wood. A special kind of wooden furniture − the rattan furniture;

-  fabric or leatherette sheath with expanded polystyrene (the main elements for the frameless furniture).

All materials are entitled to the life, beautiful furniture is produced from them; more importantly to determine how this or that furniture will fit into the interior of the apartment, considering also the functionality of above materials.


Plastic Furniture

A country house, a park, a backyard, pavement cafe − yes, this furniture is simply irreplaceable there. Grace, any shade of any color, light weight makes the plastic furniture sought after and mobile. That is, today the tables and chairs are standing on the pavement outside the cafe, tomorrow − in the shade of the spreading chestnut.

Here and there they look organically, and are not afraid of sudden bad weather. It attracts the simplicity of such furniture manufacture: the melt of the polymer beads filling collapsible form, after cooling the form is removed, and after removing irregularities and burrs furniture is ready. In the manufacture of plastic furniture is not difficult to give it any shape. Clearing through it is very simple: it is enough to wipe this furniture with a damp cloth. Logotypes are easy to apply in this furniture, moreover, both of the seller and of the buyer. Thanks to the low cost of furniture, we get one of the cheapest ways of advertising.


A furniture made of PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) is cheap, but easy to break and similar with its qualities to the polypropylene furniture, but more environmentally friendly. Polyurethane foam is more rigid and even headboards produced from it. PVC easily processed and a designer's furniture is made of it. Furniture, made of polycarbonate, is durable and transparent, but quite expensive. Luminous sofas, wardrobes, chairs and others, together with the skillful highlighting, produced from this material. ABS plastic is the most durable from all other plastics, resistant to aggressive substances, but expensive, often uses into the edge of the furniture.


Metallic Furniture

A school and a fitness club, a kindergarten and a huge warehouse, a private apartment and a hospital, an office and a bank, a cottage − where can the metal furniture not be found only. If it needs beautiful, comfortable and reliable furniture simultaneously in the interior, a choice often falls on the metal ones. Now, with the phrase "metal furniture”, it is not appeared an association with something bulky. In contrast, metal furniture can be very elegant, and forged products in general are real masterpieces.

Advantages of metal furniture:

  • The strength and durability (many such products will survive their owners and then will tell a great deal about present times to the future generations);
  • Ecological compatibility and health safety (do not make really the same furniture from lead or mercury);
  • Simple and easy maintenance (just a simple swipe of dust with a damp cloth, moreover advanced alloys are not threatened by corrosion);
  • Ease of assembly of modular furniture elements;
  • Fire safety and resistance to damage (bumps, falls and mug with boiling water to leave no trace on such furniture.


Furniture Made of Glass

More recently, glass in the furniture production is applied in the form of mirrors and mirrored doors, glass shelves and lockers' doors. Nowadays, it is very often used as glass countertops for coffee tables, as well as for kitchen ones. Of course, for these purposes it is taken a safety tempered glass. It can be used as a triplex too − two sheets of glass, fastened together by the film and vacuum molding. By placing the image on the film, which is between the glass sheets, you can leave the drawing on it, absolutely not subjected to external influence.

Glass furniture is visually enhances the space and creates (thanks to the transparency) the effect of weightlessness, thus the things, being on the glass shelf or countertop, as if floating in the air.


The use of plexiglas provides more wide scope to the furniture makers:

-   it is less fragile; 

-   it is possible to give any curved shape by means of heating; 

-   it is possible to create different shades with special dyes without affecting transparency.

For comparison, chairs are impossible to make from glass, they are easily making out of plexiglas. Moreover, this material is two times lighter than ordinary glass, and in terms of environmental friendliness - absolutely safe for human health.


Furniture Made of Stone

Yes-yes, it is made of stone. Of course, it does not refer to wardrobe a la Stonehenge. It should be noted, that the furniture is made of acrylic artificial stone or artificial quartz. Artificial stone is widely used in the apartments: for countertops, breakfast bars with the built-in equipment, window sills, bathroom furniture, mantelpieces.

It is absolutely non-toxic, durable. It may be repeated in the texture of even granite, marble, though scratches and chips are easily repaired. The surface of this stone is monolithic, so it is hygienic and does not absorb odors. During the maintenance any dirt is easily washed away. Artificial stone has a high heat and moisture resistance (it does not absorb water absolutely) and that determines its use as the furniture in the bathroom.


Wooden furniture

Aside from the stones on which our ancestor was sitting in a cave before the fire, the wooden furniture has a very long history. Thousands of years ever since something is remaining the same, but something has changed and developed further. The replacement of materials for furniture production performs the fastest of all. If, putting aside stone, glass, plastic and taking only a wood, there are plenty of variants here, even wood-flake and sawdust are used.


Furniture made of the solid wood in a variety of wooden counterparts has a venerable age. The wooden massif is easy enough handled; the texture gives furniture a unique view. For those or other qualities or properties take different types of wood, including valuable and exotic ("red”) about fifty of them.


From softwood are used mainly a pine, a spruce and a larch. Pine is well processed and glued, it has a distinct texture.

Spruce has not moisture resistant, because there is a danger of its rotting. Spruce wood, unlike pine, does not warp and is glued better, but because of the large number of knots and different structures inside it is worse for finishing. It is used where the furniture is not experiencing heavy loads.

Larch is solid and moisture-resistant, almost does not rot. Larch wood has a beautiful brown shade, but too heavy (even it sinks in water).

Broadleaves wood is used much more widely in the furniture industry. This is natural, as their species composition is much richer than that of coniferous species. Birch is widely used, and it does not create problems during processing, its wood is differed with "the shimmering brilliance”, it is stained well and durable, though mild.

Oak is durable, firm and well-bends, famous for the beautiful color.

Fumed oak, which is lain in the water for a long time, becomes violet-green with silky sheen. It becomes much harder, but very fragile. It is valued in the manufacture of luxury furniture.

Wood of ash is beautiful, has a natural warm luster, the furniture is famous for her elegance akin to the mahogany furniture. The array of ash is very valuable with the fact that a timber was not amenable to cracking.

Furniture made of walnut has a beautiful color and texture. Interestingly, the wood of young walnut is white, darkening with age. Old walnut with dark brown wood is valuable.

It is only those wood species that are on a household word. Nevertheless, there are cherry, maple, acacia, wenge, pear, cedar, palisander and many others.


Timber Industry Waste

As time goes on, the population is growing, and the area of ​​forest decreases. And the big heads turned and thought up to use the timber industry waste instead of wooden massif. The matter has appeared so profitable and environmental friendly, which the production of furniture made of the particle board (chipboard), became the leader of the furniture industry. Sawdust, shavings, and urea-formaldehyde resin after hot pressing become the main material for the furniture production.


Particleboard is inexpensive and durable material for the production of furniture of economy class. But ... Formaldehyde and phenol standing out from the boards, harmful to health, because it needs to adhere to the following requirements: do not set such furniture near any heat sources (including radiators); select the material E-1 category, necessarily covered with laminate. The disadvantages are the reluctance of the material to keep the extraneous body, including screws and nails, as well as the impossibility of carving on the plate and creating curved parts.


MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is made of the smaller chips and sawdust. A natural lignin is the binder allocated at high temperatures and pressure, it is harmless to humans. It was in the wood as a part of the extracellular matrix and cell walls. This material (MDF) is waterproof and durable, while soft. Therefore, in contrast to the particleboard it is possible to produce the relief forms from MDF. The disadvantages include a high cost and fire hazard (highly flammable and burns). Also, MDF products are not the subject to restoration, it is necessary to replace the damaged parts.


Orgalite, or MDF, is made from highly crushed wood waste in two ways: in dry consistency the resin are added during the hot pressing, in wet − do not add anything. Popularly this material is sometimes named as "pressboard”. The material is cheap and durable, but it is impossible to create any furniture, primarily due to difficulties with fastening. Thus, it serves for the manufacture of rear walls of cabinets and bottoms of drawers.

There is an excellent material for furniture − wood panels. In the production of large parts of solid wood furniture it is still a lot of large wood pieces in the waste. From these residues (by the way, for the rational use of wood they can be produced and from the monolithic planks) produce slats, easy in weight and required size. They are glued together using an adhesive and a pressure in the shields, with layers arranged lying next to each other at an angle of 900. This prevents the shield’s cracking, shrinking and warping. Manufacturing defects are also impossible, because the substandard slats discarded immediately. The result is a smooth board, retaining all the qualities of the massif, and superior to him in many respects.

And, of course, it is impossible not to pay attention to the wicker wooden furniture. It is durable and reliable, used for several generations, easy, has a breathtaking view. If previously we often faced with the wickerwork from willow twigs of various breeds, sometimes nuts (hazel), now the choice is much wider: raffia, bamboo and reed. Rattan wicker furniture is in good demand too.

Rattan − a palm tree in the form of vines from Southeast Asia. Its length is 220 yards, there are no swirls and the diameter is about the same throughout its length. If bamboo and raffia for weaving are cutting into strips, the rattan is used as a vine and the furniture looks so naturally that it seems that bends, twists and interlacing of vines are carried out inside an armchair as if in the natural growing conditions. A quantity of joining is very small, so the armchair is very stable and reliable. Not only armchairs and chaise lounges, but the complete dining groups, the living rooms, bedroom suites, chests and others are made of rattan.


Frameless Furniture

Armchairs-pears, armchairs-balls, armchairs-bananas, armchairs-pyramid and armchairs-pillows − all of them are the derivatives of the only product: a bean-bag. It is appeared in the sixties of the last century through the efforts of Italian designers. A wear-resistant cover, stuffed with foamed polystyrene beads, and this is all an armchair itself.

Such armchairs, with their undoubted advantages, are rapidly drummed up business:

-  varying according to changing position and shape of the body, they relax the muscles;

-  the weight of 4 to 18 pounds allows to move them around the room and as a result, easy to change the interior;

-  the materials of this furniture are eco-friendly and do not cause allergies;

-  excellent hold heat;

-   easy maintenance − they can be vacuumed and washed.


As we can see, a lot of things people head and share them, so that you can comfortably sit, lie down, reliably protect and hide your things. What can you yourself use in the interior? It depends on your requests, purse, taste, style, size of the room and even its illumination.

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