Materials of Splash Back for Kitchen − Comparing, Review of Advantages and Disadvantages

Required, but rather simply a necessary attribute of the kitchen interior is the splash back. It takes on all the hardships in the process of cooking. For this reason the splash back in the kitchen should be made of practical materials. Such that further we will discuss which materials are the most suited for the kitchen splash back.

What Materials Are Suitable for Splash Back?

Basically, if you decided to make a splash back in the kitchen, you have to choose one from many others. To create the splash back it is suitable such materials as ceramic tiles, mosaic, glass, stone, metal profiles, marble, granite, litoceramika (marble), thin dispersed fractions, etc. As a variant, the splash back can be arranged with the help of the photo wallpapers, however, the practicality and durability of such construction is questioned. And now let us consider each material and identify the pros and cons of the splash back for the kitchen.

Splash back for Kitchen − Ceramic Tiles and Mosaic

Splash backs made of the ceramic tiles are the most common. This option is versatile, practical and inexpensive. Indeed, a huge selection of the ceramic tiles makes it one of the most popular materials for the kitchen interior decoration. Why are the ceramic tiles suitable for splash back in the kitchen? First of all, note the practicality of this material. Ceramics is perfectly resistant to humidity, light, heat, and dirt is uneasy to it. All these quality ceramic tiles allow taking it to the ideal material for the splash back in the kitchen.

You will be able to create a unique design of the splash back made of tiles. Ceramics is matte and glossy. For the splash back it is better to choose a tile with a glossy surface because it is easier to wash off. However, the ceramic tiles have one drawback. The splash back made of ceramic cannot be called mobile, so for the repair you will either have to break the splash back and change the tiles, or leave the ceramic splash back along but customize it for the new design. The same disadvantage applies to the mosaic splash backs made of stone or marble.

Great Review about Splash Backs Made of Ceramic Tiles HERE

Mosaic as well as ceramics does not burn, its color does not tarnish, and the splash back of these materials looks very effectively. However, if the ceramic splash back you should be able to install it yourself for four hours, with the mosaic one it will be no way. To assemble a drawing it will take a long time, and indeed it is a painstaking work which is best left to professionals. So if you choose from the point of view of economy, the backsplash of ceramic tiles is cheaper than of the mosaic one.

Splash Back for Kitchen − Glass

Another practical material for a backsplash in the kitchen is glass. This material, like ceramics, can withstand all the features of the kitchen "climate". Glass is installed onto the already finished surface. Usually kitchen walls decorated with the wallpapers or the decorative plaster, so that the glass sheet on the splash back is designed to protect such walls from the dirt. Therefore, the interior remains coherent, and even when you decide to make repairs in the kitchen, you can remove the glass and then hang it up again, but on the background already of the new design. Such practicality works in favor of glass, but if you choose the ceramic tile, you will have to tinker longer. Glass is also easy to clean from grease, dust, but still, the dirt is more noticeable on its surface than on ceramics. Alternatively, we offer you to install the splash back of colored instead of transparent glass.

There are mirrored splash backs, however, their main disadvantage lies in the fact that keep such splash back clean is very difficult. However, the mirrored splash back is very unusual, plus, this material is suitable for narrow kitchens, because it visually expands the space.

Splash Back of Stone or Marble

Splash backs made of marble or stone look elegant and expensive. It will last you longer than the ceramic tile, not less than twenty years. Marble, as and stone, does not burn and not absorb moisture. Although it has a smooth surface, but some types of this decorative stone have a rough one, and therefore in this regard it may appear the problems with cleaning their surfaces. The advantages of the splash back made of marble or stone lie in the durability of their materials and the elegance. However, these splash backs will cost dearly, plus, will require the professional installation.

Material for Splash Back − Thin Dispersed Fraction (MDF)

MDF is an environmentally friendly material because it is created on the basis of the tree. This variant is the cheapest of the above-mentioned, however falls short in terms of practicality. It should be noted that the thin dispersed fraction has an average resistance to moisture and mechanical damage. This means that with excessive level of humidity and constant exposure of water on the MDF splash back, the latter will begin to bend and move away from the wall. Also, remember that MDF is combustible material, and in the kitchen it can be called a fire hazard. So, if you decided to make the backsplash out of MDF, then to install this splash back above the surface of the cooktop is simply dangerous, except the wall opposite the sink and the working kitchen table. MDF is good because it is not limited to the design, since it is possible to allocate on it any drawing. So, it can be an imitation or vivid designs and patterns of your choice. From the advantages we can mark of a very simple installation method. It is sufficient to attach the splash back of the thin dispersed fraction with the help of staples or liquid nails

Splash Back out of Metal

The splash back from stainless steel sheet will be rather practical. This material is unpretentious, light and easy to install. Of the minuses it can be noted only a limited application of stainless steel within the interior. Not all rooms will accept the cold shine of metal. However, for the modern kitchens in the Hi-tech style, this material will be suited best of all. Of the metal splash backs minuses we must note, that this material will not hide, but rather to emphasize the dirt, in particular the stains. So you have constantly to polish the metal surface of the splash back in order to make the kitchen look neat.

Plastic Is New Material for Splash Back

Splash back can be made from plastic. This variant is ideal for those who are not going to spend a lot of money on renovations. The water for plastic is not fail: it is easy to clean out the dirt; any detergents are suitable (their number is very limited, for example, for the splash back of stone). But plastic is afraid of high temperatures, so you need to do the same as with the MDF one above the cooktop. And also, plastic can crack, get scratched, and it will be too noticeable. Well, as to the kitchen's interior plastic looks cheap, the special aesthetics is not added. But its main advantage is cheapness.

Let us sum up:

Practicality and fire safety are paramount for the splash backs. Therefore, it is better of glass or ceramic can only be a splash back of decorative stone or marble. However, the latter two variants are not available to many owners because of the price. The splash backs of plastic and MDF are cheap and therefore suitable for economy repairs. With proper care, these splash backs of those materials will serve three to four years, and then as lucky. If you love cleanliness and order in the kitchen, we advise you to pay attention on the metal splash backs. The cold shine of metal will accentuate the sterile environment of your kitchen.

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