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Norms for Tile Glues

(Based on about 1 sq. yd)

There is no getting away from the glue during repairing. However it brings up another point, how much glue to buy, for example, for laying tiles? It seems that it will be better to have more glue than not enough, say, in the middle of the repair. To solve this problem you need at least to cal ... Read more »

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Removal of Assembly Foam

The dress must be combed.
How to clean it from foam?

Knowing the remarkable properties of the foam (to all adhere and quickly expand occupying any voids), we are with silent horror look like its lump, not falling down on the floor and sticking to a new dress, slowly, but surely creeping down, leaving behind a long trail. Still, to remove anything between ... Read more »

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Removal of Goudron, Fuel Oil, Bitumen and Tar

If wish is,
Clean black gold is.

There are many dark derivatives of oil, and they can be easily met at a building site, in the street and in the reparable office. Well, if so, then will get dirty in them − a mere trifle, and, looking at them, it seems that the worse of these spots there is nothing that they are the most indelible.
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Photo of Spiral Stairs in House

The spiral stairs, which better known as winding stairs, are very unusual for the stairs for the house. In fact, this is one of the most practical and unusual stairs variants for the house that is greatly saving space in the small houses and serves as a real decoration and "highlight" of the house. The photos of winding stairs you will find at the end of this article.

The spiral stairs have a fai ... Read more »

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Photos of Beautiful Pools (55 Ideas)

Owners of country houses and cottages had the perfect opportunity to take a chance and build on their plot a beautiful swimming pool. The pool can be completely different shape − it can be a classic rectangular pool or specific, design project. In this article, we will discuss about the pool's facilities versions, and in the end you will be able to view a selection of photos of beautiful pools.
< ... Read more »

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Photo of Forged Products

If you like the power of metal and the sophistication of its forms, the pictures of these products made from hammered metal will not leave you indifferent.

As you can see, in the photo we show the various household goods and interior, completely or partly made of hammered metal. Decorative ironwork fits perfectly into the interior, adding to the usual subjects charm, romanticism and notes of antiquity. ... Read more »

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Photos of Country Houses - Best Variants

External and internal appearance of a country house designed and prepared not out of the blue. In order to draft a home, you must decide on many things, first and foremost, his appointment. It is necessary to clearly distinguish between your problems, implementing them on the construction site.

In this article, we describe the styles of country houses, about which style fits in each case ... Read more »

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Removing Silicone

Remove silica,
Though it's very sticky

Silicone is used in the construction, repairs, as a household. It is a reliable sealant that can penetrate the smallest pores, and it is responsible for its adhesion, adhesive qualities. So, by careless handling it is easy to soil clothes, furniture, walls and floor, tiles that is all that is nearby.

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Removal of Paints, Glue and Rust

Clear paint should be with us
− Papuan is none of us.

Paints, different in composition and properties, are very much now. They have different basis, a different binder, various pigments, and if the approach to cleaning wrong, the fabric on which there was a spot of paint, you can hopelessly spoil either fix it on the fabric even more, or to destr ... Read more »

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Tile-Paving Stone of Natural Stone

The pavestone needed for upgrading not only the central streets and squares, but for paving a neat path to kindergarten, stairs before a store, etc. In many cities exactly tile-paving stone is used to cover the pedestrian areas. Thus, we can safely say that tile-paving stone, to some extent may replace the asphalt. And it is quite logical because the paving slab has a lot more advantages over the asphal ... Read more »

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