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Secrets of Buying and Laying Ceramic Tiles

Have you decided to put the tiles yourself? It is right, a good thing, thankful and defiant the self-respect with a great result. And it certainly will happen, if you will not do it quickly-and-dirty, and fathom all the secrets and subtleties, without any hesitating ask to experienced tillers or at least those who, at minimum once, puts the tiles. Some secrets can be found here.

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Improvised Glue at Home

In any repairs, whether in your apartment or house, do not do without the glue. Today, the choice of adhesive mixtures in the store is very large. But their quality sometimes leaves much to be desired. Many builders are making themselves the glue at home by expedient means. Note, however, that in each case the composition of the glue may be different because it may be suitable for different materials, such as one − f ... Read more »

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Dimensions of Floor Tile

A tile is a versatile material for floors in the apartment, house and office. It is easy to clean, practical, durable. It needs a minimal care and will serve a few decades. You can create unique patterns by using the tiles, spread out the pictures or restrict itself by the usual solid color, selecting the tiles of the same color.

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Shoe Rack in Apartment: Ideas and Design

Shoes - an independent subject of our wardrobe. So, why do we often make a mistake when disclaim a shoe rack? Are your shirts hanging in the wardrobe? Are your tee-shirts sorted out on the shelves? So, why did you pay no heed to your shoes and left them at the mercy of fate? They are gathering a dust in the corridor; migrate from one box to another. And if you have pets, for example dogs, then lea ... Read more »

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15 Unique Variants Novelties for Bedroom Drapes

A bedroom is not more than a place for personal space. According to popular and universally recognized rules, a bedroom interior is considered quite calm and peaceful. Indeed, in this room each of us should have a rest after an exhausting working day or just to spend time, even being at home.

In this article we will look at trends for the bedroom drapes that are relevant and popul ... Read more »

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Little Cozy Cottage

To a little cottage outside the city limits remind you not only of the need to plant and harvest the crop in time, but also give you a reason to relax, it is necessary to make it cozy. So, what key indicators of comfort in this house are they?

Natural materials

Whatever you say, but concrete cities' jungle encourage us to run away ... Read more »

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Small House

A little and cozy private house − what could be better! House in the countryside or in the suburbs gives unforgettable feeling of oneness with nature and yourself. A small house is simple in use, so it is preferred to build. A house of not more than 120 square yards can be considered a small one. For comparison - it is five standard-sized rooms and a spacious hallway. As a rule, the small houses are built on a relatively smal ... Read more »

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Small Balcony − How to Make It Cozy? (+20 Photos)

It so happened that we do not already attach such great importance to the balcony which it had been given to initially. This unique structure has been invented for the purpose of recreation and enjoyment the scenery and views, which are opened through it in front of an owner who would not like to go out of his dwelling. However, in modern times, a balcony is most often used like a storage ... Read more »

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Stairs − Everything You Need to Know!

Construction of the stairs in your own house − is quite a responsible and difficult task, which is not so easy to perform. Before you start designing the stairs, you need to pick up its design. From this design it will be depended the size of the stairs, the technical embodiment and everything else that must be considered when designing this subject. In this case, it is necessary that the stairs will fi ... Read more »

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Beautiful designs patios

Patios, they are also a patio are a great place to relax and unwind.

Just look, patios may be for you a real paradise. Look at the photos of patios different designs and direction. In the courtyard are located benches, comfortable rocking chairs, a table for tea parties, flowers in pots or planted in the ground. Patio can be supplemented with a fountain or decorate small artificial pond.

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