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Cosmetic Repairs in Apartment (Hallway)

The ability to do a full overhaul is not always available. In different situations, the fact, there are reasons − perhaps someone this overhaul cannot afford because today it is really fun is not cheap. Or not yet matured the need to do something "capitally", so it is reasonable in this case a variant to cosmetic repair in the apartment.

In this article we look at how to make the repair s ... Read more »

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Brown Drapes in Interior – Selection of Photos (50 pieces)

Use in the interior design the brown drapes is one of the universal ideas, which are suitable for any type of dwelling. Primarily, this is due to the fact that brown is a neutral color, like the color of earth, wood or skin. By its nature, brown − is to a greater extent, the background color that attracts not too much attention, but does not leave behind itself raunch, perfectly emp ... Read more »

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Leather Tiles – Royal Style Era

At the moment leather tiles have become the top of individuality and aesthetics. Therefore, this article discusses such aspects as:

  • The advantage in caring for the leather tiles.
  • The features of the leather tiles.
  • Variety of the leather tiles. 
  • An installation of leather products.

To start repairing in our time is already not problematic. ... Read more »

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Industrial Carpeting: All That Needs to Be Known to Buyer

The floor can be slippery and therefore hazardous, it can be cold and cause chill and it can have a coating that is not pleased to the eye... In such cases it is covered with a carpet. And the eternal problem − the carpet, which you liked, does not fit with dimensions, and indeed the rug that would completely shut down our floor, may not be released in common. And then what should yo ... Read more »

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Forged Fence

To protect the territory is possible by means of any kind of fence but to turn the typical fence into the real work of art - not an easy task. Not easy, but doable because a fence can be forged, and therefore very attractive to the eyes of others.

So, when replacing fences made of wood or brick by a fence from the metal, a possibility of external expression of such metal structure is much extended. The peculiarity ... Read more »

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Brick wall in interior

Modern wall decoration works include not only finishing with wallpaper, paint, wood or fabrics. For example, the walls in the living room or any other room can be finished with a brick. Yes-yes, the brick wall in the interior is not an attribute for "unfinished” wall, and a sign that the owner knows a lot about interior design. The idea of finishing the walls with bricks first appeared here, in North America. This sty ... Read more »

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Tile Gauge and Problems of Various Calibers

Construction markets are overwhelmed with the ceramic tiles of hundreds of domestic and foreign companies and firms. There are the international norms and standards on almost all industrial products, including tiles. Why will, then if not enough tiles you go and take the same, the same size and the same brand, but it has appeared that the junctures do not match? Or worse, taken a few boxes of iden ... Read more »

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How to Combine Colors in Interior - Ideas with Photos

The right combination of colors in the interior is a key to the ideal improving of any dwelling. As a rule, the owners of apartments do not wish to sink into this; it would seem that is a "confusion science" and pick the shades exclusively from the intuitive considerations. That is why we would like to talk a little about the color combinations and show them in the photos of interior, pe ... Read more »

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Shelving at Home Interior − 30 Photos

For someone who is not familiar with this concept as a storage unit – we take this opportunity to remind you that this is a wall-mounted rack, usually made of wood or metal. In this article we will talk about what kind of piece of furniture it is, wherefore it serves, and how this element fits in the modern interior design. In addition, in this issue we collected pictures with the best variants for shelv ... Read more »

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Ideas for Decoration of Interior Balcony (45 Photos)

Currently, the balconies are a full part of the interior. And, if earlier they were a place for the storage of different, and even the most useless things, but today it is a completely independent part of the apartment, which with the right design can perfectly, complement the interior of the house.

In this article, we will tell and show you photos of the interior balconies i ... Read more »

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