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The choice of colors and tones in the repair of apartments

The repair has come into your apartment. To start is desirable to choose the colors and tones in which you would like to see your updated habitation. A person perceives the world through his senses. Everyone always wants to see the o ... Read more »

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Decoration Plasters Characteristics

 Wallpaper − "pall”, whitewash − "smut”, drapery − "accumulate dust” ... Outside walls of bearing apartments are gray, bricks − monochrome, timber houses are built outside the city ... So the routine and monotony of everyday life is enough in the city and at work, and moreover the dwelling is the ... Read more »

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Secondary Partition Walls

  Everyone wants to have his own living space. And even the friendliest family members sometimes need for privacy. But it is not going to fence off the bearing walls for each room separately. The best way out of this situation − to install secondary the partition walls. They have mainly light structures, but visually they create an illusion of separate rooms in the apartment, as t ... Read more »

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The Unique Interior of the Apartment − a Subject of Pride for Its Inhabitants

Modern technologies allow recreating any pictures, drawings, patterns that have become available thanks to such pieces of furniture as poured-in-place floors, photo wallpapers and stretched ceilings.

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Re-Planning of Flats

The current housing legislation sets the strict rules and conditions for the implementation of the procedure of re-planning of living accommodations, as well as non-residential objects.

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