Nostalgic vintage interiors

Vintage Style Characteristics

 The word "vintage” in French means the old vintage wine of high quality.

 We all know that when the older the wine, the more it is appreciated. The same can be said about things. But not all things may be called the vintage − they should have their own history, high quality, recognizable appearance, and uniqueness.

 The interior in the vintage style is characterized by elegance, femininity and comfort with a hint of antiquity. It represents the era of the 50-60-ies of the XX century. Due to the increased popularity of this style, manufacturers began to produce artificially aged furniture.

 Hipster stores abound with antique vases, figurines, mirrors in the luxury frames and other decor items. 

This style will be suitable to romantic, sentimental persons loving good old days. The abundance of commemorative knickknacks fashions into the compartment a special charm and evokes nostalgia.


The Main Characteristics of the Vintage Interior:

Bright Colors

In order to do the apartment elegant and cheerful, the designers choose vibrant colors or combine them. And not only the textiles, finishing, but furniture items and household appliances can be colored.


Naivety, simplicity, some primitive are. Exactly these features of the past are adding a unique charm into the retro style.

Important Subtle Things

Abundance of decorative elements. The interior is decorated with trinkets, figurines, napkins.

The Apartment Decor in the Vintage Style

As decorative elements for the interior in vintage style, it can be found such things as were long stored in the attic, in the box-room or in the granny trunk: chinaware figurines, old home-made toys, dolls in the vintage outfits, crockery, embroidered or crocheted doilies and tablecloths.


An important part of the decoration is flowers: a natural and dried flowers, large and small bunches of garden and wild flowers. They can be arranged in the different style vases (crystal, porcelain, metal). The bouquet should be natural and a little sloppy. Dried flowers can be placed in the wicker and ceramic vases, and decorate with berries, artificial butterflies. Everything must be romantic and simple.


At a flea market you can easily find the necessary old furniture. To make it presentable just to seal the cracks with putty, clean the surface with glass paper, to paint by brush. You can decorate the building face using the decoupage technique.

The old clock, curtains, draperies, pillows and blankets complement a vintage interior. A flower or a floral pattern on textile is without any string attached.

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