Nursery Room for Boy

Arrangement of the child's room for a boy is no less important and different from the repair of the girl's room. But the boys have their own interests, and they are probably even wider than the girls have. Just all accustomed to the fact that to satisfy the boy in his room's design is not necessary, and what repairs happen, so be it, but unfortunately no! Parents, who appreciate the views of their children, whether the boys are or the girls, will always listen to them and do as they wish. Yes, of course you can make this room in the Minimal Art style, without something extra, but to please your child is always a pleasure too. So, now we will show you how to make the nursery for a boy.

As mentioned above, there are a lot of decisions on the design for the nursery room for a boy. The most correct of them is the optimal selection in the individual approach: according to the age of the kid, his interests, and more important, taken into account the fact how big the room's living space for the boy. So, the first thing you need to do is to talk with your son or just observe his interests and views. In any case, do not try to impose your ideas. If your boy goes in for sports, for example football, make his room in the sport theme, you can even put a small gate, if the space permits. It will be wrong you will agree to put in this place, let us say, a piano.

How to Choose Design of Nursery for Boy?

Practice has shown that most often an interior is set in the nursery room in such manner as dad wants. And since many fathers have their imperfect childhood dreams, they are trying to implement them, imposing on their sons. It is very, very wrong because the dreams of our children can greatly differ. If speaking of that, you at least can make a separate area in his room to suit your own style (if there the space again will allow). You also have to remember that boys are much more mobile than girls, and their interests they change a lot more often. Today your son was a football player, and tomorrow was to go to the gym. Therefore, this implies the fact that the nursery can be made more neutral, so you do not regret about spent to repair the money, and the boy will be able to complement the room as he likes.

Finishing Work in Nursery Room for Boy

Before decorating the walls and ceilings in the nursery, you need to clarify yourself on colors and shades that will be present there. As a rule, the rooms for boys do in the traditional blue color. In principle, this is quite normal as this color is masculine, and simultaneously promotes calm and emotional relaxation, and in general this color is "safe". When you select such a shade there is only one thing − do not overdo with this color that it did not turn cold and uncomfortable in the nursery room.

Having defined the shades, you can begin finishing of the surfaces. Start, for example, from the ceiling. So, for example, instead of covering the ceiling with wallpaper, you can make the stretched or suspended ceiling. By the way, the stretched ceiling is very easy to order in any color, including blue. Besides, these ceilings may not necessarily be monochromatic. It is possible to order the ceiling with patterns or drawings, in a general, whatever is your boy wants. Suspended, plasterboard ceilings will give the effect of unequal height, which contributes to the increase of interest in such a seemingly nondescript surface. But if you are short in money for decoration of the ceiling, it is possible to cover it with ordinary wallpapers which, by the way, are also very diverse.

After finishing the ceiling, you can proceed to the decoration of the walls. The walls in the nursery for a boy can also be done in many ways. If you know what you need for your baby – solid, quiet and aesthetically designed shades, or bright, with patterns and drawings walls, you calmly decide what namely covering to make. So, for example, the surface with patterns or pictures can be made by gluing the proper wallpapers. Today, there are many wallpapers on various subjects, among them the sporty theme, the marine style, the space and star theme, the musical direction, the wallpapers with cars and so on. The costs of such wallpapers are virtually indistinguishable from the ordinary ones so that you can make a gift to your boy, making wallpaper in the proper for him style. If you choose the solid tones, they can be done as with pasting wallpapers and with coloring by emulsion paint. Also, there are other types of walls. However, these two methods are the most simple and inexpensive.

The floor finish can also be completely different. So, for example, it can be wooden, or covered with linoleum. In general, the nursery floor finish will not be too different from the flooring in any other room of the apartment. The main thing is to adhere to all rules and remember that if the room is cold, especially on the floor, insulate it by all means available.

Choice of Furniture and Accessories in Nursery Room

As for the furniture, then you need to consider one important feature. Unlike girls, the boys are not always needed big cabinets and wardrobes because the clothes amount they have, as a rule, less than the girls are. Besides, the boys are increasingly mobile, which means that space will be more important for them. The most necessary furniture for today is a bed, a computer table complemented with an armchair or some chairs, and a small wardrobe. In principle, this is all that you need for the boy.

Again, if he loves sports, you can install a Swedish wall for pull-up and other physical exercises. Just remember that the furniture should be as identical in style to each other. Therefore, if you choose a table, pay attention to the fact that it was the same color with the wardrobe and vice versa. You should also pay attention to the crib for your baby. It can be ordinary, without any frills, can take the transformer form that is to be fold-able, and can also have a topical form, for example, a car or an airplane. Also, if the room is not too much, and your child does not need luxury, you can put a chair-bed, which will give your son more space.

Anyway, a nursery for a boy can be executed only with the help of your child. Otherwise, you run the risk that the proposed design may be not liked by him, and with such mood he will spend all his time in this room. Therefore, either counsel with the son or make the room in neutral tones and be prepared for the fact that the boy himself will arrange the room as his heart wants.

Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy
Room for Boy

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