Removal of Assembly Foam

The dress must be combed.
How to clean it from foam?

Knowing the remarkable properties of the foam (to all adhere and quickly expand occupying any voids), we are with silent horror look like its lump, not falling down on the floor and sticking to a new dress, slowly, but surely creeping down, leaving behind a long trail. Still, to remove anything between fabric fibers and so is not easy, but that is adhering and filling all, even the most microscopic pores.

Removing Foam by Specific Means

You can try to clean the fabric by designed for this means. After all, the spray gun, which serves for easy and economical application of foam, should be cleaned regularly, otherwise the problem will begin with the second usage. To do this, there are sprays and liquids − Reiniger and many others. There are also the special chemical cleaners, manufactured in the form of paste and serve to remove the foam from fabrics and carpets.

Any of these means thickly applied on the spot. However, before that we must try to mechanically remove the foam, as much as possible. And a simple scraping will not help: try to scrape sticky − yet more smearing. The applied composition should be kept on the spot for at least an hour. If that is left for the mechanical removal − remove, pre-stretched by your hands the erasable place. After that, the spot's place is washed. If there was incomplete removal of the foam, the operation must be repeated. Reading the instructions for use of these funds, it may be noted that the acetone is mentioned everywhere in the point "Composition" but it does not mean that the assembly foam is easily removing with acetone. Rather, the stain on the contrary goes into the category of "chronic".

Sun and Foam

The assembly foam, being under the open sun, seems to "tans", changing the color to yellow and then to brown. This is an action of ultraviolet, which not only changes the color of the foam, but also destroys it. However, for the complete destruction it should pass quite a long time.

If time is suffering, the assembly foam is removed as follows. The fabric with dirty side is hung or paved under the sun's rays. Under the hot and bright sun the foam changes its structure. It becomes possible to remove it by simply rubbing. It is not possible completely to clean the foam in two cases: either did not have enough time to wait its complete destruction or the foam penetrated so deeply that could not get sunlight to it.

"Treat" Clothes from Foam

There is a very safe way to remove even the old spot obtained because of the assembly foam. At the drug stores there is a medicinal agent - dimexidum that helps with arthritis, arthritis, sprains, serving as anti-inflammatory, as well as for the treatment of purulent wounds.

First mechanically remove the petrified surface of the spot; one might say "refresh" the surface. Then the dimexidum abundantly applied to the rest of the stain. Dried up foam becomes elastic, it is easy to remove it pressing on the edge by the flat elastic spatula.

There is so-called the law of Murphy (USA), the essence of which is that if something can happen, but this is not desirable, it is, after all, will happen. Not being familiar with these scientists, people aptly christened this law − "Sod's Law".

With assembly foam this law almost always works. So it will be nice to meet foam fully equipped, by preparing in advance at least a spatula to remove it mechanically and the spray to remove foam. A moral training is: we need to remember that the assembly foam is never easy cleaning up from the first time, so you will need to sweat with it not once.

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