Removal of Paints, Glue and Rust

Clear paint should be with us
− Papuan is none of us.

Paints, different in composition and properties, are very much now. They have different basis, a different binder, various pigments, and if the approach to cleaning wrong, the fabric on which there was a spot of paint, you can hopelessly spoil either fix it on the fabric even more, or to destroy the tissue structure. Thus, water-based paints and paints on drying oil need to remove completely differently.

Removal of Oil Paints

At one time, mainly in the construction and repairs, it was used oil paints, so the cleaning methods because of it there are more than synthetic or water-based ones.

Here, for example, some of them:

  • Take an equal share of gasoline and turpentine, mix together and apply to the spot. Half an hour later this mixture is rubbed stain and traces of paint does not remain.
  • The small stains can be removed with a mixture of denatured alcohol and glycerin.
  • A truly domestic method − paste of butter and soap powder is rubbed into the stain, which disappears right before our eyes.

After any of these methods rather dirty streaks may remain on the tissue, especially noticeable on light-colored things. After the laundering, and in some cases, bleaching, a thing takes the original appearance.

Removal of Water-Based and Synthetic Paints from Clothes and Carpets

Fresh stain of the water-based paint must quickly be erased by a newspaper or a clean rag. Remains should be carefully rinsed with water, and the stain disappears. There is nothing surprising here: the name of the paint spoke for itself that the water is the solvent for it. Well, if the stain was noticed already withered, it is necessary to put a wet rag on it for half an hour − the spot will soft. Next, it is necessary to also act so as fresh.

If the water-based paint got on the hard surface of the furniture, it is necessary to moisten it well, and after a quarter of an hour it is easily scraped off with a blunt spatula. If the stain is thick, a hairdryer will help: the paint will burst and will be easy to clean after it was warmed by this device.

In the presence of stains from synthetic paints based on latex, it is necessary to wipe them with a rag moistened with alcohol. After stain removal, the thing is necessary to wash.

To remove acrylic paint take two tablespoons of ammonia and vinegar, add a spoonful of salt, stir, and put the mixture thickly on the spot. What remained dissolve in three glasses of water and the thing is soaked in this solution for the night. In the morning the spot is gone.

Removing Adhesive Inks and Glue

The spots of adhesive paints are the most often removed with warm soapy water. Similarly, the PVA glue is removed. The silicate adhesive (water glass) is removed, on the contrary, with cold water. The rubber adhesive paste is removed with special removers. The glue "Moment" is removed with gasoline, and the "Super Glue" − with acetone. The joiner's glue is washing in hot water after five hours of soaking in the cold one. The casein glue is washed off with water and ammonia, if two hours before this spot is good handled by heated glycerin. The nitrocellulose glue is removed with acetone, followed by wiping the place with light gasoline where there was the spot.

Cleaning Tissues from Rust

Regardless of the composition of the tissue to bring it into the required order it needs aqueous solutions of citric or oxalic acid. The solutions are boiled and the stain with rust has dunk several times in them. You can also try to rub the rusty stain in such solutions. The oxalic acid is a very aggressive substance, so for a thorough rinsing with water, the ammonia is added in it, which is an acid neutralizer.

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