Secondary Partition Walls

  Everyone wants to have his own living space. And even the friendliest family members sometimes need for privacy. But it is not going to fence off the bearing walls for each room separately. The best way out of this situation − to install secondary the partition walls. They have mainly light structures, but visually they create an illusion of separate rooms in the apartment, as they increase the space, make it possible to isolate the working area. Without affecting the main structures of the apartment, it is possible to carry out any alteration to it.


Most often they are classified according to the material used in the construction. Concrete, brick and glass, chipboard and MDF, gypsum board, plastic, metal, wood − the main materials. It all depends on the functions assigned to the secondary partition wall, finances and design solutions. A construction material market offers more and more new solutions. If take into account the maneuverability of constructions, they can be divided into folding, fixed, pivoted and sliding. Fixed partition walls usually installed initially at the beginning of the house construction, because the basic material for their construction − brick, concrete, wood. Pivoted partition walls do not need much spot by definition, but they need a lot of space, because they are installed in the spacious rooms. Sliding secondary glass partition walls look very stylish. Partition walls, consisting of two parts, called "books”, of three or more - "accordion”.


Wood Partitions

  And though tree is the widely used as a building material, but it can not be called cheap. A lot of effort and money need to put in bringing wood to the desired readiness. And moreover, if the construction is made of red or ebony wood ... But tree − an environmentally friendly material. It is easy to coat or varnish it, and the partition walls are obtained strong and beautiful. Do not forget that wood is an excellent composition with metal, glass, plastic, in other words, it is possible to combine with any of these materials. What else we can say in favor of wood − not necessary to worry about weight of cabinets and shelves in order to hang them. Among all materials for partition walls, tree − the most reliable material in this respect. You can also build in a few objects of furniture and interior in the partition wall, for example, a computer or a home theater.


Partition Walls Made of Gypsum Plasterboard Gypsum-Fiber

 Gypsum plasterboard as of today − the most commonly used material in the partition walls. Plaster sheets are confined into a special cardboard. In percentage terms, gypsum takes more than 90%, share of cardboard − less 6%. Depending on conditions of practical application gypsum plasterboard may be classified under fire resistant, moisture-resistant and conventional secondary partition walls. If the partition wall has a green color, it is a waterproof one. Further, the gypsum plasterboard is possible to cover with wallpapers, to paint with or oil paints, it will be not worse to it. Partition walls are obtained very light, as they are quickly and easily mounted on the framework. There are many household electrical devices in the modern apartments, and the gypsum plasterboard provides an excellent opportunity to hide all these computer’s, telephone’s and electrical wires as well. The gypsum-fiber has a slightly different composition. It is a mixture of gypsum with shredded paper. Just like gypsum plasterboard, the gypsum-fiber − very light material.


Incidentally, there is an alternative to the plasterboard. It is so called − "tongue-and-groove” boards. They represent rectangular gypsum blocks, and on the ends of two nearby sides of them are arranged the tongues and on the others two − grooves.


The grooves are filling with putty or mounting adhesive, and even a person, having a distant concept about construction, can assemble such kind of partition. These partitions are easily cleaned, drilled, painted. They will never rot and are environmentally friendly.


Partitions Made of Plywood, Chipboard and MDF

 Plywood is easy and cheap, but unreliable and afraid of dampness very much. That is why in the spaces with normal amount of moisture, partition walls can be made of standard usual plywood, the water resistant plywood is already needed in the places with high moisture. In fact, the plywood partitions have more strength under shock, than the plasterboard ones. Wood chipboard − is pressed on the adhesive-based chips. To make this material more durable and beautiful, it is covered with plastic or laminated. Still, MDF is better to use. Though it is pressed out of a paper trash, MDF contains no adhesive and is an environmentally friendly material. Of course, these materials are cheaper substitutes for expensive whole timber.


Partitions Made of Glass

 Where they are just not applying yet: in the offices, in industries, in apartments. They are beautiful and practical; they raise the efficiency and self-control. Moreover, there are many ways of glass processing. Glass can be transparent, frosted, colored and with a sandblasted pattern. The only way it cannot be, because it is dirty or stained. This is not a flaw, it is − advantage. The apparent fragility of glass makes the air baffle, but in reality we know that some varieties of glass can withstand a bullet. Shops, shopping malls, exhibition − the main customers of glass partitions, as there are increased requirements for transparency and elegance. Now they are no longer a rarity in the apartments and country houses.


Frame partitions have got viral. A frame is made of aluminum, wood or PVC, and you can put even any filler into the frame. It all depends on what goals are pursued during installation. Do you need sound insulation − gypsum plasterboard is suitable, is it necessary lightness of the construction − need for transparent glass. And plastic panels, and wood, and aluminum siding, and much more − can serve as aggregates.

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