Shower Cabins

How not economical a bathtub itself in the bathroom, how much spaces it takes, how much water and time is wasted on its filling… Someone can also argue about the relative hygiene of a bathtub and a shower: if in the shower the water is flowing, carrying away the dirt from the body, in the bathtub, washing the dirt from one part of the body, it moved it with a sponge or simply with water further on the other body's parts. In this reason, during the refurbishing of the bathroom a quite bulky bathtub is increasingly replaced by the more compact shower.

Principal Showers

Color, shape and sizes of different shower cabins, the number of functions create a huge variety. However, there is a maximum of four basic models of the cabins (sometimes they are categorized only on three kinds): a shower "curtain", an enclosed shower cabin without top, a fully enclosed shower with hydro-massage and FM radio, hydro-box. Let us consider them in a bit more detail:

  1. A shower "curtain" is the easiest variant soul for apartments and private dwellings. It has a shower pallet, a front wall with the door or sliding doors and also a shower on the console. The walls of this shower are made of glass or plastic material, the back walls are absent at all and their role is played by the wall of the bathroom.
  2. More complex closed from all sides showers cabins without top cover can have a shower on the console and a hydro-massage (but not necessarily). They are closed from all sides except the top.
  3. The following variant is richer: the cabins, closed on all sides including top, have stationery and hand-held showers. They have hydro-massage, FM-radio, rain shower and telephone, foot massage.
  4. And hydro-boxes present the luxury class among the showers cabins. You can call them as the real complex of the treatment, wash and comfort. Besides the usual shower they have the Charcot's douche and the Turkish bath (because of absolute humidity and vapor with a temperature of 113° F), the rain shower. They also may include the features such as aromatherapy and color therapy, massage and air massage. In addition to the radio, phone, CD; some models equipped with ozone generators, sensors and water temperature controllers, TVs.

Variety of Shower Cabins

There is a total four species, but when coming into the store, amazed by the wealth of choice the models. And the main role is played here not so much of a variety of functional possibilities of shower cabins, how much a variety of materials, design and color solutions used in their manufacture.

For example, a metal profile and a high impact glass are used for manufacturing the walls and doors of the shower cabins. Even the glass can be transparent, colored, matte and completely opaque. But the glass is often replaced with the plastic. Well, with the plastic you can pick up the most unimaginable colors. The doors themselves in the shower cabins are hinged, sliding and folding. There are various accessories: hangers, mirrors, shelves, doorknobs, etc. They are also contributing to diversity of the assortment.

And, of course, such an important element as shower pallets adds to the wide variety of enclosures shower cabins. They are made of stainless metal (iron and steel), ceramics and artificial marble. The latter consists of polymer resins and marble chips, as well as from synthetic materials (acrylic and quartz).

Requirements for Shower Pallets

As the contact a person with the shower for the most part passes through his feet standing on the shower pallet of the cabin, and then the latter should have a number of properties that such contact was pleasant.

Here they are:

  • The external decoration. Agree there is a significant difference between the rusty basin and the marble bath.
  • The absence of the mechanical damages (chips and scratches). This resonates with the previous item, and also contributes to the safety of the shower pallet.
  • Durability.
  • The quick warm-up. It is still not comfortable standing barefoot on the cold surface.
  • A bottom of the shower pallet must be at least partially crimped (to prevent slipping and injury).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shower Pallets of Different Materials

A cast-iron shower pallet − is reliability and durability. Its massiveness gives it the solid and rugged appearance, and this is true. Also, the cast iron is good at absorbing the noise from the falling water. This is its advantage. And on the contrary, the disadvantage is the "coldness" of cast iron that is, before showering the shower pallet should be well heated. For aesthetics on the inside it is covering with enamel, after which, alas, it becomes susceptible to appearing of chips and cracks. And a heavy weight of cast-iron in addition to its solidity creates considerable difficulties during the transportation.

A steel shower pallet is rather practical: having endurance similar to a cast-iron shower pallet, it is much easier. Its enamel is almost not prone to chipping because the coating layer is thinner than a cast-iron shower pallet. The steel one warms up quickly. And the cost is lower than the cast-iron or acrylic has. The most significant disadvantage of the steel shower pallet − it "thunders" from the water flowing.

Ceramic shower pallets (porcelain) are massive and beautiful. They make it easy to maintain the style, combined by color and material with other items of sanitary ware. The main disadvantage − ceramics is susceptible to shock. Yes and the absence of legs need the presence of a perfectly smooth floor.

An acrylic shower pallet could displace all other shower pallets, as it is easy, brilliant and elegant, and in addition it does not change the color with time. But it has a significant disadvantage − easy scratched. Of course, the scratch is easily to disguise, make completely invisible, but the fact, as they say, is evident.

This shortage is deprived of shower pallets made of quaryl. This new material is a polymer: binder − acrylic, filler − quartz. In addition to the high prices, these shower pallets do not have any faults. They meet all the technical requirements to the shower cabins, but expensive enough.

The shower pallets of artificial marble, where the marble chips are mixed with polymer resins, has no flaws similar.

Application of Shower Pallets; Their Shapes and Sizes

The main function of shower pallets − collecting used water when washing in the shower cabin and disposal this water into the sewer system. And although they all serve this purpose, they can be classified according to the depth, shapes, and sizes. For example, the depth of the shower pallets may be:

- shallow (plane), to a depth of about 1.6 inches;
- medium, the sides of skirting from about 1.6 to 4.0 inches;
- deep, up to 7.0 inches.

However, now there are a number of showers cabins with bathtubs, the height of the skirting of which exceed the specified dimensions. The shapes of the shower pallets are:

- triangular, square, rectangular, pentagonal (five-corners);
- radial (quarter circle), semicircular and circular;
- in the form of a snail;
- having a more complex shape.

As for the size, when you install the shower cabins it is necessary to consider both horizontal and vertical models. This is important as quite often acquire the shower cabins in order to free up space. In this case, in accordance with the specifications in the instructions it is envisaged that the shower cabins of open type can be installed if the ceiling height is not less than about 6.6 ft.; closed ones need the ceiling above 7.5 ft.

The shape and dimensions of the shower pallet determine an area that will occupy the shower cabin. Depending on the areas cabins are usually divided into three groups:

  • Compact cabins − less than 39.4 x 39.4 in.
  • Medium − less than 51.2 x 51.2 in.
  • Full sized − up to 31.5 x 67.0 in.

You should not choose a shower cabin, which area of less than 31.5 x 31.5 in. Though it occupies fewer places, but an adult in it will have nowhere to turn about, especially when working by body snake…

When choosing a cabin of the complex shape, its length and width measured at "the very best" value that is measured the longest and widest area. The result is that the cabin complex shape actually has a smaller area than the same size of the rectangular.

Advantages of Shower Cabins before Bathtubs

Waking up in the morning, we hurry to take a shower and not a bath. The contrast shower will help waking up completely, invigorates and prepare for the outing regardless of the weather. With respect to the bathroom, then it helps only just to relax. Because of that, and people want to take the morning shower and evening bath. Because of that popularity the request to the shower cabins are growing up. They win positions at bathtubs on the following parameters:

  • Taking a shower takes much less time than a bath.
  • Saving water in the shower cabin − five times (compared to the bathtub).
  • Shower cabins are more hygienic than the usual baths.
  • A shower cabin in the bathroom takes much less area than a bathtub.

An advantage of shower cabins is the fact that washing in them has the general health effect. Moreover, some of them have the functions of the foot massage, the vertical massage and Charcot's douche.

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