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Nursery's Design − Photos

A children's room (nursery) is the magical, fairy-tale part of the apartment. Look at the photos of these nurseries - all of them at least are very nice, warm and cozy. Harmony - that is what the designers rely when designing a night nursery. Colors should not be flashy, but some bright notes of the interior can be added. As you can see, they can be expressed in the furniture and interior items. Ideal colors for ... Read more »

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Design Child's Room for Girls (55 Photos)

Making children's room for a girl is not a difficult task. Today, there are many variants, available for the parents − wallpaper, furniture, floor coverings, toys and other items for interior decoration in the suited style for children. In this article, we will tell briefly about what should be in the focus when you make a design in the nursery room for the girls, and at the end of the article wi ... Read more »

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Children's Bedrooms for Boys - Selection of 45 Photos

Children's bedrooms for boys must comply with a number of rules and criteria. Firstly, such a room should be liked for a child to be comfortable, cozy and safe. Design of the children's bedroom for the boy should be fully consistent with child's character, interests and views. In this article, you will be able to find photos with the ideas for the decoration of this room.

A ... Read more »

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Nursery Room for Boy

Arrangement of the child's room for a boy is no less important and different from the repair of the girl's room. But the boys have their own interests, and they are probably even wider than the girls have. Just all accustomed to the fact that to satisfy the boy in his room's design is not necessary, and what repairs happen, so be it, but unfortunately no! Parents, who appreciate the views of their children, whether the ... Read more »

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Room for Teenage-Girl − Examples with Photos

Making a nursery − always a very complicated task, especially, the design of the child's room for a girl. Moreover, the children grow up so fast, and with them their tastes are changed. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to predict and make the room in a style that would have preferred by a child for a long time, up to her adolescence, for example. Thus, the design of the room for a teenage- ... Read more »

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Nursery Room for Girl

Repair in the nursery, in general, is the generalized concept, because a child residing in this room can be as a boy so a girl. Therefore, it is important to consider this important feature, and be sure to take it into account. Therefore, today we will discuss how to redecorate a child's room for girls, how to do its right design and, critically, how to please the child, in order for her liked it.

As a rule, th ... Read more »

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Nursery for Children of Different Sexes - (30 Photos)

To tell about the decor and the design of the nursery room, which is home to two or more children of the different gender, we can talk for a long time and forever. Therefore, it will be the most correct to formulate this subject in such a way as to highlight only the key features and details that help make the nursery for children of different sexes properly.

Well, what que ... Read more »

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Bunk beds with Working Zone

For sure, many of us have dreamed of or are dreaming of a bunk bed and for sleeping necessarily on the second floor. Of course, these beds are buying into a family with two children. But there is a bed with a working area, where there is one bed and it is just at the top. This is perfect. These beds are called "bunk bed," just because of their functionality.

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Variants for Children's Rooms (50 Photos)

For children their own room perceived as the whole world in which they live and grow. Each child needs its own islet of personal space, so the design a nursery, photos of which we now show, is a very complex and specific task.

Only a half of difficulties are awaiting the caring parents in the design of a child's room, if it designed for one child, especially a newborn. However, a much m ... Read more »

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