The choice of colors and tones in the repair of apartments

The repair has come into your apartment. To start is desirable to choose the colors and tones in which you would like to see your updated habitation. A person perceives the world through his senses. Everyone always wants to see the only visually pleasing things, so the color scheme is a very important aspect. Of course, it is better to rely not only on your personal preferences, but it is necessary to know some laws or rules, if we can call them that. For every room in your apartment, you can choose a certain range of colors. In accordance with your taste, or with the release of windows on the north if the south, with the wish to increase the habitation or to make it more comfortable, do so. By the way, color scheme of the room can even affect some diseases.


So, let us start. A bit about the colors themselves:

  • Red and all its shades act upon us exciting. It is the color of stress and when it is plenty of it, a person subconsciously tenses. For spitfire persons this color is better to use in a very limited portion in the apartment. Otherwise, just there will not be a place in it where you may relax and restore strength.

  • Yellow, the color of the sun, appeal to the eye. It creates a feeling of a sunny summer day, and subconsciously evokes a feeling of warmth of the hearth.

  • Blue and green soothe, relieve tension. They are the nature colors. The blue sky and the green forest, both cause an association with the ancient world of our ancestors, brings comfort and peace.


Scientists tell us to choose colors in accordance with the state of our organism. For example, the red color is useful in anemia, depression, and strangely enough, constipation. But it is disagrees with hypertensive and emotional persons. The blue color has a beneficial effect on patients with fever. The combination of white with blue colors depresses the blood pressure and violet soothes the pregnant women. Yellow has a positive influence for the treatment of diabetes, kidney diseases. Green can be useful for the treatment of insomnia or asthma, heart diseases. And overall beneficial and curative properties have colorful tones with a predominance of green, light blue and straw.

Correctly using colors not only affect health, but also make the room cooler or warm, to cut the height of the walls or to raise the ceiling. By following these simple tips, you can easily choose the color for your entire apartment, so that you and your home-folks feel themselves comfortable. If we talk about comfort, the room, whose windows face to the south or east, is better to draw in blue-green tones. These are cool colors and they give the room a feeling of coolness. Room with windows to the north and west, can be painted in warm pastel colors. It will be cozy. But these colors have an interesting quality. Visually, such room will seem smaller. Maybe should this advantage be used in the larger rooms of your apartment, despite the direction of light, which exposure?


Every apartment’s room is intended for. The kitchen, the bedroom, the living room and the children’ room... Here there are some little tricks:


  • Do you want to grow thin? Make a blue kitchen, it will reduce the appetite. But the orange and yellow colors will show themselves contrary. If to eat in the dining room with orange walls, a lot of will and a good appetite. If the kitchen is small, arrange it in the red color. Your housemates will be less to push each other in a cramped kitchenette. Eat quickly and move to a room with a more tranquil color resolution. It is also a good incentive for housewife, because not everyone likes the kitchen cares.

  • Blue, dark blue or green shades are suitable for bedroom. Calm and deep sleeping in this cozy room will be provided. Although, if you are young and romantic, deep dark red or vinous color is quite acceptable. The sensual bedroom for romantic amusements is provided to you in that color resolution.

  • Warm and cool pastel shades − the best for a child's room. Child of all ages will feel comfortable here. With increasing their age, you can add some bright accents. Using colors it will be possible to correct the child's attention. For example, a desk near the yellow wall will help him to learn better. On the contrary, the bright red details upset sleep. All these must be done with care not to disturb the harmony in the baby’s room. Children are very sensitive to the changes.

  • Living room in yellow will be always cozy and festive at the same time. Guests will appreciate your parties in this front room.


In order to the interior was not boring and crabby, you may try to "play around” by colors. Here, too, there are small rules. It should be considered when you are selecting furniture or wallpapers. The color combination is monochrome, contrasting, mixed:


  • Monochrome combination is a combination of different shades of the same-self color. It can be a bit boring and agree that to pick up all that way will be difficult. Either the drawing is not suitable for a rug, or favorite box is out of place;

  • Contrast combination is a combination of two contrasting colors. Everything is clear, but also exhausting, for example, blue wall, orange furniture or something like that. It seems this color scheme would be quick sick and tired too;

  • Mixed the combination, probably, is the best variant. The different shades of one color and the details of contrasting colors. There will not be limit to your own imagination. It will be easily find cute the knick-knacks, curtains and other accessories for this room in order to create coziness and comfort. Each well-chosen detail will bring warmth and comfort in your apartment. Fashion likewise present in the interior design items. So it is possible to consider, what color for the tiles in the bathroom is fashionable this season. To follow or not to follow the fashion, personally your feasible desire.


Well, there are many niceties in the selection of colors for your dwelling. It would be very difficult to take into account all at once. After all, the interior is good only if the apartment comes alive. This is a difficult and slog.


Finally we want to give a little advice. Before you will go to the store and buy wallpapers and new curtains. Take the paper and paint, draw a plan of the apartment and paint it the way you want. Look if you will like what you have come up with? If so, feel free to bring a dream to life.

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