The glass shelves

 We hope, that you will agree with us that it is difficult to believe that there are no shelves at all in any interior. Just the shelves give the opportunity to save space particularly and use it not only actively, but also wisely.

The glass shelves, as a fashion statement

Let's talk about the glass as a material for shelves. Previously, rather 10-15 years ago, glass shelves can be presented as a part of the wall, which were designed for crystal services, but now the glass is not used as an auxiliary, but also as a certain material for the interior items’ manufacture. So, later on glass shelves have become regular guests in the bathrooms, in fact, they also replaced plastic shelves.

If we say about modernity, glass shelves can be seen in the redistribution of many styles, ranging from classical and ending with modern units. Perhaps, the glass does not fit clearly for the Provence style and other "cozy-warm” styles. Still, the glass is a "cold” material, and this you must take into account.

Advantages and disadvantages of the glass shelves

The first negative point that comes to mind − it is a fragility of the glass shelves. Of course, it is theoretically possible that the shelves are made of usual, non toughened glass. Of course, you can put only a small amount of bijou on them, but the flower pots, figurines, books and other weighty luggage can not be trusted in. But often the shelves are made of tempered glass, which is, for example, used in insulating the multiple glazed units. Thus, they survive even a whole aquarium with all sea creatures.

Another disadvantage is that the glass is clear yet, and this means that you and other visitors to your bungalow will be seen not only the contents of the shelves, but simultaneously how carefully you remove dust from the bins. Therefore, if you are not an ardent fan of cleanliness, we recommend you to pay attention on the shelves of colored glass, they are not so transparent for dirt, fingerprints, and they shine much less.

And of course, we should mention such weighty arguments in favor of the glass shelves, as their durability (of course, if there will be careful treating and do not exceed the weight limit). In addition, the glass is insensitive to water, so a bathroom is a better and safer place for it.


You know that practically objects with any shape can be made from the glass. So, this glass property is not an exception for the shelves made of such material. What construction does come first into your mind? Certainly, there is a typical location of shelves in an ascending order relative to each other along the wall. We agree, that it is necessary to nod to the practice, because it is a classic variant. But when you have a chance to install the glass shelves, you cannot neglect a chance to make out-of-the-box approach. The glass shelves can not be only rectangular, but with rounded edges and arbitrary forms.


Let's talk about the color. It is not difficult to give any color to the glass, nevertheless the transparent, thin glass looks very elegant particularly. With these shelves create the weightlessness effect. Indeed, if the items placed on the glass shelves, they are literally hovered above the floor. Stained glass is not only refreshes the interior, but also makes it easier, modern. On the other hand, the thin glass shelves return us in times of our grandmothers who kept them in the sideboard vases and salad bowls. Therefore, we can safely point to the flexibility of the glass shelves.

Thus, the glass shelves are suitable both in the bathroom and in the living room. You can put a TV set and cosmetics there else. The glass shelves are rugged and will be in use for a long time. They should be protected from scratches, and you may be assured of the rest qualities.

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