The Unique Interior of the Apartment − a Subject of Pride for Its Inhabitants

Modern technologies allow recreating any pictures, drawings, patterns that have become available thanks to such pieces of furniture as poured-in-place floors, photo wallpapers and stretched ceilings.


Stretched Ceiling

Let us consider each of these parts of the interior separately. Stretched ceilings do not only perfectly smooth and flat surface of a conventional ceiling, but they will add flavor to the interior of the room. Do you want the cosmic space above your head − please, and to turn the earth surface and place the sea waves at the top of it − is not a problem. Design solutions for the drawings on the stretched ceilings are limited only by imagination and possibilities of your purse.

Such structures are more pros than cons. The latter include the ceiling’s cost. In addition, to set the self-suspended ceiling is not possible. This deal is the subject only to the masters, and the setting itself is quite dangerous, because the stretched ceiling fabric must de heated and then sprained by means of a special gas burner. So, as you can see, this work can be trusted only to professionals. And one more minus − the stretched ceilings are very easily failed by mechanical pressure, so if your child decides to play darts, there is a great possibility of instantaneous loss of expensive beauty over your head.

We can also talk about the pros up to infinity. First of all, it can be aligned seemingly hopeless curves of the native ceilings in the apartment with the help of this type of ceiling. After having installed the stretched ceiling, you will take off the burden of periodic staining, pasting or whitewashing of the old ceiling at the same time. Another strong argument in favor of stretched ceilings is their ability to protect your room, at least partially, from the waterfalls, which are periodically provided by your home neighbors above. Ceiling’s material is waterproofing, so if the misfortune has taken place and the "puddle" has appeared over you on the stretched ceiling, you can simply take out one part of ceiling and remove moisture. Not only an uneven surface of old ceiling, but also a variety of wires, cables you can hide into the stretched ceiling, so that all unnecessary things will be hiding from prying eyes.

Installing the ceiling takes only one day, maximum of two (without preparatory work), so that beauty will not make you wait long.

Caring for stretched ceilings is fairly simple. Generally, stretched ceilings are unpretentious, except for the possibility of mechanical damage, nothing terrible will happen with them. They do not fade with time, do not get dirty, they simply are periodically cleaned with a soft, slightly damp microfiber cloth that removes perfectly dust and does not scratch the surface. So, the picture or color that you choose, will delight your eyes as much as you want it.

By the way, the ability to recreate any drawing or image to the stretch ceilings − another convincing plus. Usually, the manufacturer gives a guarantee for at least 10 years, so that over the years the ceiling just do not lose elasticity, keeps glitter and color. Of course, all of these properties are preserved, if the ceiling will be operated correctly. Without any saying, freezing temperatures are destructive for the stretch ceiling. Of course, we are talking about the low temperatures namely from minus 30 at which the stretched ceiling loses its elastic properties. However, we hope that such cold weather is not frightful for you and your housing. Stretch ceiling can be made in monotonous manner, dull or glossy, whatever your heart desires.  

Photo Wallpaper

Next we turn to photo wallpaper that has become practically an indispensable subject of interior for all modern apartments. They are popular still thanks to a wide range of accommodation possibilities for any images. Night city, jungle, Egyptian style − there are no restrictions. However, not all the people are in a hurry to hang namely photo wallpapers on the walls. Many of them believe that such kind of wallpapers do not allow the air to circulate freely in the room. Partly it is so. Therefore, photo wallpapers can be used as a part of the interior and do not necessarily paste them on all the apartment’s walls. More over, keep in mind a simple human error, dare to buy wallpapers.

Fashion is changeable, and, usually, when it seems that there is a really stylish picture on the wall, over time, it may just become as an eyesore to such an extent, that you will agree to have a simple paper flowered wallpaper a la "farm house". So, choosing a specific image, remember that the next possible repairs in the apartment will be only 5-6 years at best, and then a huge whale may not be the best solution for the background in the kitchen.

The quality of photo wallpapers, as they say, depends on the "thickness of purse”. There are a great number of firms are ready to offer "poster" instead of photo wallpaper on the adhesive basis. A good quality fabric has the dense texture, accurate contour patterns on them, uniform and radiant color. The fabric itself must not stretch, or it can deform the picture’s geometry during installing, so that all the work will come to nothing.


Self-leveling Floor

Finally, we turn to the self-leveling floors. They are glossy or matte, smooth and perfectly flat floors, even pity to close them by carpets. It is reasonable to suffer a long-duration of the self-leveling floor installation and its cost. On the other hand, you will get a really luxurious surface in every way, which is not afraid of time, temperature drops, falling down of heavy objects. Even if there are scratches on the floor over time, they can easily be painted with a special varnish and the surface will delight you with its novelty and smoothness again.

 It would seem that walls, floor, ceiling − are the elementary components of each apartment, but thanks to design solutions and modern technologies you can create a unique flat interior.

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