Unusual and Stylish Apartment Design

 Have you decided to make minor repairs, rearrangement, or simply update some objects of the interior? Well, quite meritoriously. Aspiration to change everything around you is radically positive. But whether will the exterior of your room be unchangeable, if you only replaced the wallpaper (many people call it a repair)? As to us, we believe that if you are changing the interior of room, it is necessary to do it radical and creative. It is for this reason the unusual decisions create a certain style of your dwelling. Hence, here are some tips on how to make an apartment with typical furniture and interior stylishly and unusually.

Creativity in All along the Line

So, what does it mean "unusual interior”? Exactly that such interior can be rarely found or not found at all. In fact – this is your own unique design project. It can be embodied in color, arrangement of furniture, small interior items.

What Unusual Can Be Introduced in the Interior of the Apartment?

As you already know, works of authorship create exactly the glory of that unusual style.

Let's start with color and proof by contradiction. What is typical today: apartments with 1-2 tones, walls with photo wallpapers. It would seem − this is not a surprise already, and design turns trivial, but let’s look at all on the other hand. Let us consider the design of living room with help of photo wallpapers, as they will provide limitless possibilities for design. Wallpapers with the image of the city at night look typically, but bright and juicy. And wallpapers with Caribbean limes will look certainly unusual on the largest wall of the room. Add sofa of bright colors to this citrus mix − a creative living room will be ready. Then even add nothing else needed.

An unusual interior does not have to be bright. If you love the Empire style, the heavy Gothic style, you can easily create an appropriate atmosphere using wallpaper with a matte velour spraying, vintage blizzards and heavy curtains right to the floor of cherry, dark blue or gold color.

Do you know that there is a hotel in the Netherlands where the rooms, depending on the floor, completely painted in a single color: white, blue, red? Absolutely all in them are the same color. Believe us, this is a very unusual, looks cosmically, especially the white room. So – it is food for thought. What's wrong with making every room the bearer of such color in the apartment? Of course, it does not so much an unusual approach to the interior design as much more specific, but you can try.

Next, let us consider the causes how ordinary things which we sometimes even do not notice in the apartment, can radically change the interior, and become the main achievement.

We all like pictures. Surely, frames with photos of loved relatives or just beautiful photos stand on the shelves or hang on the walls of every home. What can we say about the fact that to decorate a wall solely by photos of the same type? We have to say at once − group photographs, such as – this is we are ones on a beach, and it is Jacob's first day in the kindergarten – this style can not be added to your apartment. We must save our personal images in the photo albums. But we will do a parade of the same type of pictures. The themes can be absolutely different: savannah, ocean, portrait photos – just imagine, you come into the room where dozens of strangers from around the world, different races and nationalities are looking at us from the wall. This design is very impressionable at best and certainly will long be remembered by our guests. Concrete home walls – is boring, walls of American ivy – an unusual and useful, however, we have to wait when it will grow, but we are also fighting for the result.

We can make the following key observations: in order to make the unusual design it is not necessarily to look for "overseas” secrets. Genius lies in simplicity. Even the typical interior decor can make the room’s "image”, which will be a fundamental pillar in the design of the apartment.

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