Venetian Plaster: a Coating That More Beautiful Than Marble

A coating, simulating a marble, used to decorate cathedrals and palaces yet in the Renaissance.

The modern Venetian plaster includes marble powder (the composition of conventional plaster − sand or chalk) and binders acrylic-or polymer-based. To get a specific color, the pigments are adding in the mass.

It is hard to express the beauty of Venetian plaster; even a photo can not convey that. Only after seeing it with your own eyes, you can note that it is more beautiful than a real marble. The cover is striking in its translucency and silky, luminous texture. It is not just decoration, but a real work of art!

Venetian plaster looks as a number one in any interior: both classic and modern.

In addition to its indescribable beauty, it has several other advantages: no fading, no flaking, no burning, easy to clean, durable (15 years), ecologically innocuous.

After applying, the plaster forms a solid porous film on the surface that does not interfere with the natural transpiration and has a fungus-proof.


And if you want to change the design of the room − it can be painted with any paint or enamel.


How to Apply Venetian Plaster?

First, the surface must be primed. Then the plaster is applied in several layers. Definitely need to wait for when the previous layer has dried, then sanded it. The first layer should be solid − it is the foundation. Following layers are applied short strokes with a flexible filling blade. The first layer should be slightly darker or lighter compared to later ones.

Number of layers should be enough to make a simulation game of light and shadow, but there were no noticeable spots (4-10 layers). So it is achieved the pearlescent effect. After drying, the protective layer of wax is applied to the plaster. Later on it protects the wall from moisture.

Venetian plaster dries quickly − after 6 hours it can be touched by the hands, after 24 hours bring furniture into the room, and already after 3 days you can wash the wall if when the occasion requires.

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